The union between Snapchat and digital marketing can be very beneficial for the companies.

Already several years ago the social networks the future stopped being to become an obligation for the companies. All agency of communication of companies, businesses and SMEs that works during the day to day inbound marketing has in the corporative profiles of Twitter and Facebook a fishing-ground of potential clients and users for its products, but there is a high risk of which their messages have little reach, are diluted between an eternal full publication wall or they are lost between posts of other many brands. Right in the opposite side Snapchat and digital marketing are united: this format allows, during some seconds, to catch all the attention of the user.The union of Snapchat and digital marketing gives as result a means presence that tries to also catch users by this route.

The video in direct, santo and sign of Snapchat, have been talked back in other applications as Facebook, Twitter or recently in Instagram Stories. The volatileness of the Snapchat model brings about in the user a greater degree of attention of which it renders in other social networks: which knows that the images will disappear nothing else finishes the video, subconsciously causes that, at least during some seconds, it watches the screen fixedly.

It is, indeed that attention, one of the main challenges of the advertisers in social networks. The increasing competition and amplitude of the market more and more make complicated create a message that draws attention, that catches the interest of the user and avoids that, simply, downwards continues doing scroll with the mouse or sliding the screen with laziness in search of which it interests to him in a first glance. Many foreign mass media already have an important presence in the application, with the very visual news, content multimedia and of fast reading that facilitates the access and information to the users.

If Snapchat and digital marketing are able to polish strategies and, mainly, to catch users for the application, the potential of impact of advertisers is immense. That attention, in the world of the publicity, is worth much money, and Snapchat gives it of series. But, in addition to having it, it is necessary to take advantage of it. For it, the level of the creativities will increase, the virtual reality will play an important role and the broadcastings in direct will go at your service of the day. And, when already it is the full application of advertisers and users, it will return to begin the battle by the notoriety.

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