Sometimes, social networks and charity are put to the service of the bad intention of many people.

Many are the companies that resort to an agency of communication for companies, businesses and SMEs in which to delegate its image in Internet as a source of income. The businessmen see in this sector a niche explode to expand their areas of business, and apparently more than a hostile person he has decided to talk back the model outside the club world. Social networks and charity are united, habitually of the hand of people of low moral tasting, to take advantage the good intentions of people and to obtain some illicit gains.

Especially bleeding they have been two recent cases. One of them, more sounded if it fits in Spain, was the one of Nadia. Their ancestors, mainly their father, did everything what was in its hand for, under the pretext of a rare disease of the girl, to secure money who supposedly were going to destine to their treatments. They appeared in television, in press and multitude of journalists, famous artists and generally they requested help through the social networks for this family€¦ but he turned out to be all a great swindle. It did not present evidence than he shelp, but there was something worse: nobody requested them.

The father of Nadia opened as everything a professional trilero that had been years, and had previously for this reason, been in the jail swindling to the people of his around. He got to say that her daughter was put under secret experimental treatments, that his doctor resided in some caves of Afghanistan and that the same underwent a terminal cancer of which it did not treat to concentrate in the cure of his daughter. All this for, thanks to a few tuits viral with its account number and a mass support, to pocket hundreds of thousands of Euros that already he had to good collection and with that he had glided to flee from the country shortly before being catched.

Social networks and charity were also united so that a young person entered a few thousands of Euros to be the cancer that shelp to suffer. Their profiles (properly facts public in Internet) were the vehicle with which to communicate the advance of its disease and the means in which to publish photos in which, deliberately shaved and with the shaved eyebrows, narrated the supposed battle that freed with its pathology.

According to Frank Serpa shelp, resident Venezuelan Madrid, the money collected with anonymous donations was going to spend it in a treatment in Houston that never arrived, because the falsification of the case was stopped when opening itself. He is not strange to see networks as Twitter and Facebook full of messages with disappeared people, other that need help, account numbers in which to enter money with beneficial aims and multitude of elements with which to support people really needed. But social networks and charity, with examples as these, demonstrate that they also can be used to swindle.

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