The tendencies in publicity budgets indicate that Internet has more weight than the television

The work tools evolve with the advances of the technology, the improvement of the different techniques and the passage of time. Where thirty years ago there was money to appear in paper newspapers, billboards or spot of television now there is it for digital marketing, social networks or influencers. The tendencies in publicity budgets are not other people's to the change, and agrees to observe the changes that experiment to adapt to them and to be able to remove the maximum yield from each investment. Four of the main ones are the following:

Internet already has moreThe tendencies in budgets of publicity for 2017 indicate that Internet has more weight than the television weight than the television. During 2016, one calculates that the advertisers have spent 69,000 million dollars at global level in digital publicity. And there it is where they change the tendencies in publicity budgets: the television has remained in 66.000 million. The difference is the progression: whereas the actions in average digitalises had a cost of 49,000 million in 2014, the television already was in its present levels of cost. And also in the projection: the cost of advertisers in television is anticipated suspended in 2019, staying fixed one in 66.000 million, whereas the publicity in average digitalises could raise until 95,000 million. The digital announcements underwent ascents of 16% in 2014 and 2015, and in that last year they already supposed a 80% of the cost in television announcements. Now the papers have changed.

The mobile is going to be the means with greater growth. More than one third part of the money inverted in publicity to the announcements and specific actions take to it to be visualized in mobile phones. A percentage very lifted of citizens has smartphone, a tablet or the two things, reason why many companies advertisers are applied in knowing better what is the cross-device marketing and to develop its own methods to arrive at whatever more people. Thus, in addition to agglutinating already until a 35% of the investment, the movable devices promise to continue growing, and to greater rate than the rest of supports.

Attention to the video. Facebook has been time firmly betting by the video as method of digital communication. And, if they do it, it is by something. The cost in publicity of videos in Internet, also increased thanks to the €˜phenomenon to youtuber €˜, it increases to a rate of annual 35%, and it already supposes a global investment of 5,000 million to the year. Or through promoted content or of reproduced classic announcements in new platforms, the agencies of communication of companies, businesses and SMEs put the center in this form to transmit, used in the past (as with the classic Christmas spots of television) but with a done channel and a public to new habits.

The domain of Facebook grows. The social network created by Mark Zuckerberg does not leave anything for the others. Although that cannot consider a change of tendencies in publicity budgets, because already for years of the home of its hegemony, this one has been growing year after year. In the United States, one of every six minutes of connection to Internet is spent in visiting Facebook, and the percentage raises one of each five when it becomes from mobile phones. These two realities, together with the first point of this post (Internet either has the more weight that the television) cause that Facebook continues being not only a social network, but a platform without comparison so that the advertisers secure visibility or in computers, tablets or telephones.

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