Advice of Facebook Ads

Advice of Facebook Ads

The world of digital marketing, since it already operated his professionalisation some ago years, is weaving a network of tools, techniques and procedures of sale and publicity never before seen nor imagined. One of most prolific is par excellence in the social network, that as much has in its advertising platform a gold mine for itself as for that knows to use it: here some advice of Facebook Ads go to take a campaign successfully.

Basically, Facebook Ads is the route to pay to announce in the social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg. Today, well into 2018, already a long time ago manager turned into of announcements very complete, that allows to evaluate a great number of parameters of which we can extract the KPIs that interest to us more and, on the basis of a good handful of data, we know what campaigns work, which not and what strategic lines we must follow.

By many advice of Facebook Ads that we are by the way, the success or failure of our campaigns they will be able hardly to be determined with five fundamental controls. It is very important, especially for people who are not specialistic in the platform and they move in moving sands of the intuition, to have at least five masterful lines in mind before lowering to analyze percentage and details that can be irrelevant.

Advice of Facebook Ads: the grain and the straw

He is basic, in the marketero digital market, to separate the important thing of the trivial thing. Not to let itself take by metric that does not matter to us - or they would not have importarnos-, always have an objective in mind and look for the routes to reach it. If we did not secure our goal we must change the strategy, but not the ultimate goal. How to do it?

It learns to segment. The segmentation is it everything on Facebook Ads. To know towards where to focus shot, to what people we want to arrive and at what people we can interest more, will determine if our campaign is a success or a failure. We have tools to reach the perfect hypersegmentation: geolocalizaci³n, sort, groups of age, I interest, pixel of Facebook€¦ Saqu©mosles the maximum yield. And it remembers that, as demonstrated Hawkers with its methodology, there is nothing as the trial and error to give with the key.

For in time. Perhaps we think that a Copy is very ingenious, that a photo is very attractive or that we have made a perfect segmentation€¦ But also it is possible that it is not thus. If something has the data are that they are very eloquent, reason why we must listen to the message that sends us in each one of the metric to that we have access. And, if a campaign does not start, he is basic to stop it in time. Everything what is to let it run of more will be money thrown by the toilet.

It takes advantage of all the resources. The announcements of Facebook allow the use of up to six images, GIFs, videos, computer graphics, emojis and a countless number of resources with which to do it more dynamic and attractive: aprovech©moslos. To create a gray and anodyne publication will only report gray and anodyne results to us.

It monitors. A bad campaign to which pursuit does not become is as a direct connection between our checking account and the dustbin. This he is another one of the most basic advice of Facebook Ads: you do not create campaigns and you leave them of the hand of God. It is necessary to be above, measuring and analyzing, to know which we can let run, which it is necessary to stop immediately and to what others it is necessary to pay attention because they are in the wire.

CTAs in tune. The possibilities that Facebook gives to personalize the announcements are enormous. For this reason, we must be useful for, in addition to in the section multimedia and line of vision, express the possibilities that the own platform provides. One of the main ones is the CTAs personalizables, that we will be able to use based on what we are announcing: To unload, To buy Now, To ask for Information, To visit Page€¦ Each announcement is created with an objective, and each CTA tries to push €“ in the suitable direction of the users to turn.

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