Coaching and communication are taken of the hand for an expert day in Elche.

Coaching and communication are taken of the hand for an expert day in Elche.

One of the extended definitions of coaching more is the one of that one process that tries to cover the emptiness between which she is a person and what it wishes to be. It is a discipline whose practice implies a total communication between coach (that it distributes) and coachee (the receiver). It is not a therapy nor a treatment: the coach is limited to as much internalise the present situation as wished of his coachee, and it is dedicated to do the questions to him whose answers need search by itself to cross that way. Coaching and communication take of the hand day to day and will have in Elche an appointment with all the followers and lovers of the matter thanks to the act that Lourdes Carmona will carry out.

Lourdes Carmona is ilicitana, pilot of air lines and Leader in Transformation of Human Potential. He will be next the 10 of February, in the Palace of Congresses of Elche, and next to Francesca Eixarch, stewardess of flight and Brazilian model, they will shell the secrets of this personal communicative process. Carmona is the first Spanish who comprises of the Success for University Women, a project whose book became best to seller world-wide in the category of Woman & Business the same day that left on sale.

Personal work, technical capacity of listening, knowledge and humanity are some of the own abilities of the good coaches. A discipline of recent history, born in the United States in the years 90, and that from the practical philosophy try to develop hidden talents and to remove to shine potential diminished existing in each person.

One of the fundamental axioms of coaching is that nobody is in possession of the absolute truth. Nor all an expert as Lourdes Carmona. But she will raise the scene of the Palace of Congresses of Elche to tell to his truth and its experience picked up in his page Ready For Takeoff and diverse books and publications. All a session of coaching and communication in charge of an eminence in the discipline that summarizes of this form the content of the same: €œWe are conscious of the importance of the personal image in the society. Francesca and I want to impel the takeoff of the assistants with keys of personal overcoming that assign to a realistic vision of the autovaloraci³n and the image. Ready for Takeoff he is born to foment the confidence in the people and their possibilities of success with techniques of easy application of immediate results. Francesca will tell his professional experience us in advertising campaigns in magazines fashionable and how she influences the image in his daily life from a perspective less shining than the imagined one. We especially recommended to all the public as of 12 years and adolescents who feel isolated by their appearance€.

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