What resources and techniques of marketing must dominate the company to compete in the global world and digitalis? What is the effective communication in the social networks and the surroundings Web? They develop to the companies marketing and the enterprise communication that corresponds at the moment at which we lived? Those and some other similar questions will try to be responded in the enterprise day that will be celebrated the next Thursday, day 10 of November, as of the 18:30 hours, in the assembly hall the Business World Alicante.

Organized by the magazine Economy 3 under the title €˜Marketing and Enterprise Communication: to re-invent themselves or to die? €™, the session will have two parts.  In first three communications will appear:

In the second part of the day a panel of experts will constitute itself, with representatives of companies, informative means and agencies of publicity and communication in Alicante, to aloud reflect on the present and future of marketing and the enterprise communication in the present world. He will be made up of:

Salvador Mart­nez describes the event as €œa magnificent opportunity to extend the knowledge on marketing and enterprise communication in Alicante €œ. The session is opened to everybody, although the places are limited, reason by which from the organization it is indicated as advisable register through this form.

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