Comunicalicante 2018

The end arrives from the year and, with him, the ideal moment to make balance of the course that finishes. For that reason, we want to throw the view back and to review the most outstanding landmarks for ComunicAlicante in 2018: clients and projects that have allowed to develop our work us, to learn new techniques and tools with which to improve our services and, mainly, to give the maximum one to secure to the results as much that who contract as we ourself we hoped to us.

Mass media impacts of Alicante

If something has distinguished is ComunicAlicante in 2018, and from our birth, it is our capacity to work elbow with elbow next to clients and mass media to secure impacts that generate real interest and notoriety. A notoriety that we also reached by means of the management and daily maintenance of profiles in different social networks and communication channels online, looking for the content and appropriate approach after each public.

In order to secure mass media impacts of Alicante, at provincial level, all the Valencian Community, average generalist nationals and even international heads, on ComunicAlicante we have based and we continued basing our method on the analysis, study and customized approach of each case. In finding what it causes that a company is noticiable so that, worked and elaborated of the way in which average the more attention will render to him, occupies the place that our clients look for and deserve.

One of the great informative landmarks of ComunicAlicante in 2018 has been the impact generated by the false poisoning of a British family, who denounced to her hotel of the Costa Blanca after some vacation in search of an indemnification. Everything an example of how a communication cabinet can help to heave a reputacional crisis not only avoiding the evil, but causing that the image of the company leaves reinforced and, for more inri, in all mass media type: from digital and printed heads at local level to televisions, radio transmitters and foreign mass media.

False poisoning of a British family

Also 2018 have been the year in which from ComunicAlicante we have done ours first incursion in the publishing world next to Mankell: a literary project born from the search of titles and authors of great quality and that now, in addition to spreading the letters through its works, also enjoys notoriety in mass media to increase its reach.

Other projects that have given the jump to the press of first level of the hand of ComunicAlicante have been, for example, Malabusca Gin, considered one of the best gins of the world and created in Alicante by four entrepreneurs of the province; also in the gourmet panorama we worked with Selma Milenary Olive Oil, a premium olive oil signature with an exclusive bottle designed by Monica Armani; the prize to Natalia Calder³n by its enterprising and formative activity; the British school ELIS Villamart­n of San Miguel de Salinas, with the inauguration of its new facilities of infantile and the presence of authorities and personalities of its area of influence (Alicante and Murcia), of whose management and procedure of invitations ComunicAlicante was in charge; or most recent and €œstill alive€ in means when we wrote these lines: Fabian Coloma and, that together has taken nougat of Alicante to everybody and that surely you will have seen, read or listened in many of the means of all Spain that have become echo of the note of press written up and spread by ComunicAlicante from which interviews, news articles and interventions in different programs have been managed.

enterprising woman alicantepng

In addition, multitude of comunicativas actions with companies and companies of different profiles that have appeared in mass media in different campaigns: ULab and its untiring work in the expansion of the entrepreneurs of Alicante, the inauguration of the first office of the Universitat Oberta de Catalonia in Alicante, the association of Odontological Centers the Roman with the Chamber of Commerce to serve to its partners, the works of rehabilitation of Group BDI by all Spain or always important support to the duel given by Group ASV Funeral Services.

Marketing with influencers in Alicante

This exercise 2018 has been, after a 2017 of starting, the year of consolidation of the work of ComunicAlicante in the scope of marketing with influencers in Alicante. Our managements with Goiko Grill and its two premises in the capital of Alicante, Murcia and Valencia have allowed that hundreds of influencers have happened through their premises to prove their hamburgers and to share the experience in social networks during 2018.

Also in this scope we have continued working with the hotel chain Magic Costa Blanca, one of the tourist companies of reference in the Costa Blanca. With hotels and lodgings of different profiles and public, MCB has received the visit of influencers that has helped to harness and to expand their image in the panorama to blogger and the social networks.

New features and challenges

This year, in addition, has supposed an important newness for ComunicAlicante at corporative level: we have installed our headquarters in the dependencies of ULab. A strategic location in the heat of heart of Alicante that grants a great visibility and in center neuralgic possibility to us of synergies of the city.

In addition, we have contributed our sand granite as collaborating company to the congress Seo Plus 2018, one of the events of reference in the world of digital marketing. Really, a full course of exciting projects, challenging challenges and a way marked for a 2019 loaded equal of.

2018 touch to its aim with exciting new projects in which already we are working and of that in a moment we will be able to give details you. Meanwhile€¦

Feliz A±o Nuevo from all the equipment of ComunicAlicante!

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