Administration of property and digital marketing

Administration of property and digital marketingAdministration of property and digital marketing, what have common? Although it at first seems difficult to find the relation him, is a sector with great possibilities in the application of the new technologies of the information. The joint ownerships of property have been always by definition a place where the interpersonal relations have had great weight, with meetings, conversations, debates and not few mix-ups between the neighbors who integrate it. In this point, the administrator of property always has been elevated as a mediator able to put solution to the most irreconcilable positions or more complicated problems with those than could be found. A mixture of solver, person for everything and even psychologist at the time of handling the different personalities that are congregated in a building, builds or urbanization, this last so faithful one reflected, although with clear humorous dyes, in the series €˜are not some Here that lives€™.

The necessity to inform within the time and forms advisable, the proximity with its clients and the transparency at the time of realising managements is some of the challenges which the administrator of joint ownerships of property faces. And what are many social networks nowadays but great containers of singular communities that agglutinate to users around interests or affinities? For that reason he is not stranger who these professionals are also forming in this area, applying some own tools of digital marketing and the new technologies of the information to his daily work.

Digital channels for the administration of property

  • Blog: an excellent channel to provide information, articles and other contents related to the community. From official notices and calls to the news of the surroundings, as well as the treatment in depth of questions of interest for the neighbors. An administrator can explain the thoroughness yet which creates pertinent, to invite specialists to that they even make it directly or leave the own neighbors who do it. Everything with the possibility of generating a connection that could be spread so much by mail as by the social networks, as well as of receiving the €˜feedback€™ of the adressees.
  • Social networks: since we have seen previously, they can become a diffusing channel of the generated own information €˜ad hoc€™ or of other documentary sources that are of utility for the community. The news of the sector, norm, new features or photographies can be published or in a group of Facebook or a profile of Twitter, the two that surely will be the more accessible for the majority of the neighbors. It is not necessary to avoid the utility either that has functions as the accomplishment of surveys or soundings that, although they can not have a legal value as a Proprietor Meeting, can serve to solve of agile way smaller questions.
  • Whatsapp: there are groups of parents and mothers, companions of university, ex- students of the school, the sports club, fans to a type of food, et cetera. So many as possible associations, and among them could not lack those that locate their house in a same place. This tool of mail has become the first communication channel for many people, something that is not to be strange due to the possibilities that offer as soon as. Transmission of text, voice, video in direct, images and even documents in pdf, which allows the administrator of property or the president of the neighbor community to have direct contact with the rest of members.
  • Web: a passage beyond the blog previously mentioned would be a Web. Not only by the utility that has for the positioning and the possibility of finding new clients, but to take care of the possible maximum to the already existing ones. It is possible to be turned to the front door to the multiple programs for the administrators of existing property into the market, that with the interface of computers or smartphones interacts with the users and facilitates complex managements that until too much time ago did not require the physical presence obligatorily.

In this aspect, specialists in the administration of property in Alicante as Advisory CBV are a clear example of the advantage of the social networks, the new technologies of the information and inbound marketing, generating information of quality for their clients and for whom they are not, positioning themselves as referring in the sector. €œWe have always characterized ourselves to be near our clients and to provide effective solutions to them in the smaller possible time. Nowadays, Internet and the movable devices are an ideal ally to still make agile plus the communication and the accomplishment of certain steps€, explain Ignacio Baeza and Jos© Antonio Berna, propietary partners of the company.

Of the same form, the School of Administrators of Property of Alicante realises the same work as administration, at the same time as it allows to equipment managements, as the search of associated that prevent the infiltration, of terrible consequences €“ as in any labor scope for the sector.

Really, a new technological panorama that it changes, for good, the relation between the client and the lending specialist of services.

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