Webinar it is an interactive and often gratuitous form to form in some specific field.

The communication in social networks for companies, businesses and SMEs has become an indispensable element nowadays. Beyond great companies with specific departments in charge of experts in the matter, many are the employees of small and medians societies that they must multiply his functions and competitions to be able to dedicate part of his time to Internet and the presence of his company in the networks. Before doing it lightly he is advisable to form in that field, but who they do not have time for courses or m¡steres they can choose by webinar as an interactive, didactic and often gratuitous form to learn new techniques of work.Webinar it is an interactive and often gratuitous form to form in some specific field.

Webinar is the conjunction of Web and to seminar (seminary). By its own etymology already its meaning is evident: usually they are courses express, of a few hours, much intensity and with a high load of knowledge that allows to take advantage of every minute. It is still an adapted skillful class to the 21st century: through a videoconference by Internet, the professor it distributes the formation while the students follow the communication through a screen.

Or with the students individually in his reunited houses or in a classroom seeing the training one in a same screen, webinar they allow, as any class in any training center, to interact between the parts. According to the used technology, the professor will be able to receive messages via chat or through the microphones of the students to respond to his doubts, which creates a sensation of reciprocity and interaction that is resembled with the traditional personal classes.

Although in many centers of formation they offer to webinar in direct, which allows to interact and to be able to ask the professor while it gives the lesson, also is possible to accede to webinar engravings: that feedback is lost, but it gives to the student the option of being able to reproduce the class as a video when it is to him more advisable. Fast, interactive, useful and (often) gratuitous a way to form in specific fields as digital marketing and the social networks.

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