coworkingThe homes for the entrepreneurs always are hard: search clients, to polish the product or to obtain financing, among others many things. Start-up usually begins their activity with many open fronts and some resources very limited. In that context, to rent an office and to assume the expenses of provisions seem an excessive luxury for companies that, in the majority of the cases, are formed by a person or a group very reduced of partners.

That necessity gave foot to that places known as coworking arose. Points of work in which many companies coexist and share space and utilities paying feasible rents and without the anchor to commit itself personally with a renter. In the capital of the Costa Blanca there are many of them, full of small the start-UPS that, in common places of work, concentrates in their projects. Or in independent offices where services or provisions are shared, with the consequent reduction of general expenses and therefore an increase of the competitiveness in prices without loss of quality of the product or service. A formula by that every time they bet consultancies, professional services or agencies of communication in Alicante.


In the heat of heart of the city, to the doors of the old quarters, is ULab. Account with deprived rooms of meetings, offices, classrooms of formation and a countless number of possibilities and plans adapted almost to the millimeter to the needs of each start-up. An ample and diaphanous place, divided in three plants, in which to the ideas and the people meet who start up them.

Coffee Work

To few meters is Coffee Work, a center with identical collaborative philosophy, many zones of work and other so many of relaxation. Space of suitable work for the birth of companies in which the aroma of the undertaking and the desire is breathed of which the enterprise ideas of based people bloom here. In addition, in CW they frequently organize courses of formation in different scopes of much utility for incipient companies.

We Coworking

He would be complicated to understand Alicante without his relation with the Mediterranean. Why not to join both things to locate a work place? Something thus had to think about We Coworking, on the beach of San Juan, one of the most iconic zones of Alicante. Good connection with the city, but moved away of the bullicio to be able to work and to obtain the maximum concentration.

Just as Alicante without its beaches could not be conceived, it could not either become without the cities that turn to the province in one of the economic and industrial motors of Spain. Great weight in it has Elche, that with its enterprise and industrial movement (good sample of it is Hawkers) has seen bloom spaces as in Coworking Studio lodging the embryos that in the future will weave the enterprise network of the province of Alicante.

Business World

The Center of Businesses or the latest Business World coworking in Alicante with possibility of independent offices that is others of the spaces they enjoy great success between great companies, SMEs and entrepreneurs. This space of work offers to the companies settled down in its facilities rooms of video, audience, rooms of formation and virtual meetings, offices, as well as a fantastic terrace 360º in which you can enjoy the views of the sea.

As we can testify, when having the office of ComunicAlicante in the Business World, is the perfect place to develop to you professionally and to start up your enterprise projects.

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