The ten orders of the WhatsApp marketing.

The ten orders of the WhatsApp marketing.The techniques of digital marketing are refined and adapting to the technological evolution to maximize their impact. The consumers are more and more obstinate to the purely advertising messages, reason why agencies and specialists in marketing take pains to innovate in their campaigns and search the formula that generates a greater impact. The WhatsApp marketing has been opened as a great alternative: it uses as via arriving at the user his mobile phone, reason why one first impression makes sure. But, although by all means it has a great list of disadvantages, used well can be a great tool.

The WhatsApp marketing is the €˜cold door€™ of the instantaneous mail. If he is not realised with caution, a defined good strategy and left hand, the user will limit himself to ignore it. If one becomes bad, he is too insistent or messages are chosen unfortunate, the user can even block our phone number. Like or we made with marketing of contents or the crisis management in social networks, we sent a decalogue of orders successfully to implement campaigns of direct marketing by instantaneous mail.

  1. It creates a data base. Without the phone number of the clients it is impossible to obtain nothing. The good part is that those will only receive messages that previously (and of voluntary form) have facilitated their number. Thus, although the contact route is direct and through a very personal device, the message is not excessively invasive.
  2. It generates an attractive message. Each word, each coma and each letter will influence in the success of the campaign. It is necessary to know clearly to what user profile is being written to him, to use his language and to present what we want of an attractive form. Also it agrees to take care of the extension: if the message occupies more than it can turns in the screen in a single glance, its impact will fall in mincemeat.
  3. Multimedia. The WhatsApp marketing gives many possibilities. It uses emojis, photographies, notes of voice, GIFs and any showy resource that an anodyne message turns into something animated and. But without excesses, because a sea of colorful emoticons can cause that a good message is lost or that to the user hisses to him in excess.
  4. Applications. Although initially anyone can be enough with a mobile phone, or with unloading the program of mail for the computer, the most massive campaigns can collapse our devices and suppose a problem to us. There are specific applications for the shipment of messages on a large scale, that facilitate much the task of the one in charge of the campaigns of WhatsApp marketing and which in addition they allow to take detailed registries of the actions.
  5. It gives feedback. The WhatsApp marketing must be bidirectional. If the user is a mere receiver of promotional campaigns and, when he asks a doubt or question regarding the company nobody does case to him, probably says goodbye. The instantaneous mail is ideal to respond with agility, to be used as via of attention to the client and to listen to the questions or suggestions of the users. In addition, to the power to be used already in the computer, is much more comfortable for all the parts.
  6. You are not heavy. A thing is to campaign, to precise remember supplies that can expire or update with new features. But to be a heavy one penalizes, and much. To turn the WhatsApp marketing into a justification to bomb with Spam to the usuary ones only can end at which good part of them blocks to the number from which they receive the messages and they remain with a negative image of the company. It is necessary search the balance.
  7. Ten an anchor. Although it is not strictly necessary, it agrees to make sure that all the shipments of massive messages that become take some connection that directs to the Web or the blog of the company. Although sometimes the computer graphics or images that are sent, in addition to texts, can contain all the necessary information, is necessary to make sure that whoever more information can easily find it without having to make searches by itself.
  8. It monitors. A great idea can be to create specific connections for the campaigns realised by WhatsApp. That will be used us for knowing what percentage of the traffic enters the Web by that route, which is the CTR of the campaigns of shipments of messages and, really, the success of each action. Digital marketing is based on metric and the information that the company receives from the behavior of the client: whatever more data, better.
  9. Exclusive conditions. To send a message by WhatsApp is to enter the pocket of the people, its offices or their houses. They can read to you from the sofa in pajamas, with an eye half-opened without leaving the bed or while they spend time with its children. That invasion of its privacy can be a weapon of double edge: the campaigns can have more impact, yes, but also to bother. To offer advantageous and exclusive conditions to those who receive the messages through WhatsApp marketing can cause that the user sees with other eyes each promotion that receives.
  10. Taken care of with the schedules. At the time of programming bots or realising a diffusion of messages manually, it is necessary to always have four eyes. Some campaigns can be anticipated: for example, a little before the hour to have dinner, would be a success to at home send promotions of food, or a restaurant. But to neglect this and to be mistaken when programming an action can cause that more of a user it awakes frightened in the middle of the night and the company pass to be in his list of enemies. The same passes when doing international campaigns for clients with other time zones. It is necessary to assume that the privacy of the user with this is invaded, reason why agrees to be careful to do it of the possible less aggressive way.

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