The marketing of contents can be successful if we know what you rule we must follow.

The ten orders of the marketing of contents.The marketing of contents is vitally important in the strategy of communication for companies and their extension to digital marketing. To handle a corporative blog is fundamental so that the company controls by itself what wants to communicate, how it wants to do it and until where can arrive. It is a direct route to connect with the consumer, to create the image name brand wished and not to depend on mass media so that they who speak of the company, with the risk are of which they do it bad. One is not to be able to sell a concrete product with a post, but to obtain a client who identifies himself with the company.

However: to resort to the marketing of contents is much more that to be raising articles a blog when it feels like to us. If we did not follow certain you rule, the effort can completely be in vain. In order to achieve the success, in ComunicAlicante we have created a basic decalogue with which to create some habits that take the strategy of contents of a corporative blog to the success. These are the ten orders:

  1. It works with planning. You do not feel in the computer without knowing envelope what you are going to write. It creates weekly or monthly planning in which you have programmed the subject of the post that corresponds to every day of update. Perhaps afternoons everything a day in making the planning, but will enormously make agile the production of the day to day and will avoid the oppression not to have subject for the article when deadline arrives from publication.
  2. It moves your own content. The marketing of contents needs an external impulse to obtain notoriety. Without some social networks properly worked and with the sufficient power as attracting people to our contents, the blog can happen totally inadvertent. Internet is full of specialized blogs, magazines and mass media that probably already have written on just like we, reason why are fundamental search the shade differentiator that obtains that our article can compete in that jungle.
  3. Document to you. It is assumed almost by all means that if we created an official blog for our company is because we dominated the field in which we move. But, sometimes, we can want to go further on and write on parallel subjects that we did not control so much. In those cases, it has to investigate well, to read much and not to write anything than we are not safe to the 100%. It is not enough with adapting information of other blogs, because perhaps we are copying something mistaken. Scientific publications, official sources and, mainly, data.
  4. I know original. To copy does not bring any good. First, because Google will penalize the positioning of our page if it detects content duplicated in other Webs. And, secondly, because we will be were our blog an retort of which already has in Internet€¦ and we do not know if it works. It is as much necessary to be original at heart as in the form, as much in the election of the subjects as in the form to raise them and to develop them. That one notices that we are expert in the matter.
  5. Not search direct sales. With shades. The marketing of contents is not conceived so that, after reading a post in our blog, the user is going to buy our products of immediate form. It is a long term strategy, that through the communication allows our company to create an image name brand and to maintain it in the digital world. What tenth and how it tenth help to the others that is to say how we are, and in addition is a way to arrive at people who of another form would not perhaps know our company. To take advantage of that Filon search a direct sale can send to the fret our strategy, although we do not have either to forget that the ultimate goal of the company is that. The visits must become clients, but without dominating. Balance.
  6. Regularity. One of the basic points. Don't mention it will serve to publish in the blog if we do it of irregular form. If we bet, it is necessary to do it strong: nothing of an article every two months. A cadence of one to the week is the minimum to give certain image of reliability, stability and to follow clear a communicative line. In addition, although without being rigid, also it agrees to know always clearly what day we are going to publish, with a flexible bracket to at least do it.
  7. Good images. We are in Internet, not in the written press of years 50. The more visual it is an article, to the user will be to him the more attractive. By very interesting and written well that is what we mean, he is complicated to attract the attention of the reader until the last comma if we do not give a little sugar him. To have good photos (if they are own, better than better), to create customized computer graphics or to resort to graphs done by we ourself are some of the things that help articles to be more visual, take the less heavy reading and reinforce the concept that we want to transmit at every moment.
  8. To define a basic concept. In a blog we can speak of many things. The area of specialization of our company can include an enormous fan of possibilities search information and to create articles, but an excessive disparity can put in doubt the ultimate goal of the blog. It is important that there is a basic concept that connects all the information as an invisible thread, and that can help to recognize the blog as a space in which it is spoken in particular of a thematic one and all peripheral branches. Specialization.
  9. It thinks as a journalist. Each article must respond number of possible W's to the maximum. What. they when, where, who, why (what, when, where, who, why) they are the questions that we must do to us when we wrote a post for our blog. It is necessary to consider that the marketing of contents is not journalism, does not require to follow retail the present time, but whatever more W's fulfills the article, more information will give and more useful it will be for the user. To think as journalists will help us to fulfill some basic things so that the strategy prevails: a powerful title, a home that hook and an approach clear to give to the text an organized structure.
  10. Clear Ten your target. He is not the same to write for people of 50 years for above that stop adolescents. We cannot communicate some data avoiding who will be to the other side of the screen receiving them. To adapt our form to write and to present the blog and each one of the posts is fundamental so that the marketing of contents secures its main assignment: to hook the user. That who reads the blog feels that the one that writes it knows what looks for.

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