Turismofilia in mass media

Turismofilia in mass media thanks to the carried out action by Magic Costa Blanca. Communicated and coordinated by its agency of communication in Alicante for all Spain: ComunicAlicante.Turismofilia. The expression arises as contrast to the neologism €œturismofobia€ that, according to Fundeu, it denominates the protests and vandalic acts registered in some Spanish populations reason why some groups even consider a saturation of visitors untenable.

It can be paradoxical that a country that it has to the tourist sector as one of its fundamental economic motors throws stones on its own tile roof in a recovery context after years of crisis.

Before this situation, the group Magic Costa Blanca considered that there was to make clear not only his position on the matter, but to resist that climate of opinion with evident gestures that they made see the million travellers who choose Spain every year to spend their vacation that not only is welcomes, but wanted and even essential.

The 15 of August were the chosen day to take to end an action in which ComunicAlicante, agency of communication and cabinet of press of Magic Costa Blanca, were in charge so much of the communication and relations with the average ones as of the coordination of the event. There was date no more symbolic than the festive one of half of month in which those come together as much that finishes the first fortnight of vacation as which they begin second.

For it was decided to involve to three of the hotels of the group: the Magic Robin Hood, tematizado complex of cabins that recreates the Middle Ages; the hotel Magic Villa of the Sea, 4 stars superior; and apartotel Tropical Magic Splash. All of them in the surroundings of Benidorm, tourist capital of the Costa Blanca and paradigm of the democratization of the leisure, as it were wanted to also demonstrate with the election of hotels of different category and objective public.

The idea was simple: the personnel of each one of the complexes would cross to the same hour its respective enclosure having distributed flowers and hugs, at the same time as he expressed to the client his gratitude to have to him enters his guests and to invite to him to always continue doing to him. With such intention carnations and some were in charge to several hundreds of cards with a message in English Spanish and.Turismofilia flowers and cards

The originality of the action and its good average informative contextualisation caught the attention of local as as much national ones from the same diffusion of the press call. News articles, interviews to the direction and columns of opinion or publishing houses even put of relief the fast movement of the sector to resist the injurious climate antitourism that could be come off the manifestations of certain groups.

As it could not be of another form thanks to the implication of all the personnel of the group, the initiative was everything a success. The photos realised and spread by ComunicAlicante won as much digital pages and covers as printed of tens of means, as well as minutes of radio and television recorded by the own means that moved to cover the event, some of them in schedules of maximum hearing of reporters of national scope.

The social networks were not other people's, with hundreds of messages of support around hashtag turismofilia that was used or spread by groups, prescribers or simple citizens in favor of the initiative. In addition, it congregated to referring of the sector and personalities of the world of the company or the policy, as senator Agust­n Almod³bar, spokesman of tourism of the Popular Group in the Senate, that praised the work carried out.

The Group Magic Costa Blanca thus returned with the action turismofilia to be protagonist in means, as days before it had been also in national, periodic televisions and as much generalist magazines as specialized by his idea to end the problems at the time of enjoying a hammock in swimming pools and other common zones.

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