that-be-cross-device-marketingDigital marketing also works with tendencies. Some ago years it seemed impossible to live without mailings, nowadays that place the announcements in social networks occupy it and from already, and looking at the future, the essential thing is going to be the adaptation to the different devices. In order to know what is to the cross-device marketing it is not necessary more to pay attention to the etymology of his denomination: those actions that can have repercussion whatever format that uses the receiver. Basically, it consists of creating the product so that it can be brilliant in mobile phones, tablets, laptops, of tablecloth and even televisions.

In 2016, the average of used connected electronicses to Internet is of around three per person. For this reason, marketing lies down to mold its contents to be able to arrive at the consuming potential by any route. And, mainly, to that what is the user synchronizes between some devices and others so that does not have to do the same in many occasions but with different presentation. The design is one of the basic pillars: the same in a mobile screen does not fit that in the one of a desktop computer, reason why the precision and the liquidity of the messages must come together so that each support agglutinates a same basic idea but with different forms.

In fact, this tendency supposes a step more in the hypersegmentation of the publicity from which it can remove to benefit an agency of communication of companies, businesses and SMEs. The data can shell to know what type of user uses according to what devices and with what aims to give customized messages to his profile. In addition, the benefit is mutual: a study realised by Adobe indicates that a 74% of the consumers are in agreement with which the brands use their personal information to adapt the messages that show their interests and preferences to them.

But to know thorough what is the cross-device marketing also it is necessary to go not only to the user and the device that handles, but to the emitter of the message and his monitoring: to follow the trazabilidad of a campaign implies to know if the person who has been interested in an announcement through tablet is the same that hours later accedes to the Web from a portable one. That synchronization by double game can help to emphasize certain messages in certain routes much, and as much emitting as receiving they will obtain from faster form what they look for.

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