The tendencies in Google show peculiar behaviors during Christmas.

The complex world of the SEO, the algorithms and the web search engines is not, in spite of which it can seem, an exact science. As so many other things that surround to us, the searches are seasonal: people do not key the same words in Google in spring that in autumn, in summer that in winter. But the oscillations go beyond long and foreseeable periods, as it can be search a bathing suit when it makes heat and a coat when it is cold. The tendencies in Google are clear: Christmas is one of the more eloquent points of flexion in this aspect. In a matter of days, the searches vary of some terms to others enormously, but especially between two words very appellants in these dates.

The graph (down) shows the interest that throughout last the five years has waked up the word €œprescriptions€ between the Spaniards who use Google to inquire. In all the cases, and for want of completing it during the coming months of 2017 to confirm the tendency, it is observed that there is a coincident very outstanding tip with the Christmas week and the previous ones of people who, for want of solutions in the kitchen, throw of Internet to make the list of the purchase and to put themselves in front of the furnaces. Candies, soups, meats€¦ before the insecurity, we went par excellence to the finder so that it solves our doubts and it does not allow that ignorance becomes hunger.

The tendencies in google before show to tips search of €œprescriptions€ and during Christmas the last years.

But, as the Spaniards are thus and there is bad who one hundred years last, immediately no the bad one brings back to consciousness seizes of the minds mother countries so that what a day were covered soups, Norway lobsters and weaned lamb on the following day are spinach, apples and celery. In hardly one week, the tendencies in Google are reversed and the diving of Spaniards looking for €œprescriptions€ is united to other so many compatriots having keyed €œdiet€ in the illustrious bar search.

The red circles of the second graph (down) indicate the tips in which, in the transition between Christmas and New Year, the Spaniards massively begin search €œdiet€ in Internet. In only some days it changes the panorama radically: we happen to interest to us in how cooking a sirloin correctly that is to say if a diet is better detox than a paleo. Even so, even in these days in which weight brings back to consciousness more than ever, the tendencies of Google have some sacred cows to which nor the best intentions they are able to overthrow of the first positions: soccer, the reductions and the cavalcade of Kings.

The tendencies in Google show that nothing else to spend Christmas there is an enormous tip of searches of €œdiet€ in Spain.

The information of Google Trends in these brief periods is significant to understand how they hardly vary the terms search with some days of difference. Beyond precise events (concert of New Year, the present time news), the simultaneity with which these two terms overlap their tips and is contraprograman is not more than a translation in Internet language than it happens in the day to day of a good percentage of Spaniards during these dates. Their moments of greater search follow one another in the time, and the fall of one gives foot to the hegemony of the other.

The last graph (down) shows how put complementary terms in comparative during periods nail can control not indeed by chance, but by causality. The tendencies in Google are limited to show that one reason why the people show interest, that in these dates is not another thing that this one. The eternal circular trip of nougats to the good intentions. And until next year. The landlord repeats itself in many other scopes, reason why to know it is fundamental for any company that wants to carry out an efficient strategy of oriented corporative communication to digital marketing, although is very useful also for any study of marketing.

The tendencies in Google explain how the ascents and slopes of complementary terms in strategic dates are overlapped.

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