It is the candy of Christmas by antonomasia, for that reason the nougat announcements bound state historically to their home. The images and mainly the music of many of them remain engravings to fire in our memory, repeating themselves year after year in our heads and even being intoned by all the members of the family when anyone of his known varieties was put more upon the table, nougat of Jijona (€˜the soft one€™) and of Alicante (€˜the duro€™).

At a time at which the television absolutely dominated the mediatic panorama, it was the bet by the communication of companies, SMEs and businesses in Alicante the one that made arrive at the homes of all Spain the image from our province. It is not that nowadays that is made neither the television does not continue being the consumed means the more, but the bet by digital marketing and social networks has diluted to that intensity, giving rise to another type of messages the more adapted to each channel and the public that make use of them. The marketing of contents of quality to favor the positioning SEO, the campaigns of payment in Google, the management of the social networks and investment on Facebook ADS is the place where great part gets rid of the competitive battle of the sector. Aspect to which the producers give importance more and more and that trust to their agency of communication of specialized Alicante digital marketing and social networks, thus complementing its strategy of communication in television.

We review some of those more famous announcements of nougat of the television.

€œIt returns, to house returns€, the Almond tree: 

One of most recognizable and melancholic. The song used in this spot is a carol in Spain more, until the point which many people know jingle without at least remembering the announcement or associating it to the brand that impelled it. Everything a hymn to the familiar meetings the one that the Almond tree with this announcement obtained.

€œThe Wolf, what the great nougat€: 

Famous it also became the animated wolf that put face to the turronera company to which it gave name. With target more infantile, small short animated and a musical one sonata at its time was the bet of the Wolf for a televising appearance very.

€œWe want nougat, nougat€¦€ Antiu Xixona:

One of the leaders of the turronera production of Alicante also managed to put in the head of good part of the Spaniards with its pegadizo jingle in which in addition, for glory of the advertiser, it perfectly fitted the name of the company. Announcements of nougat that achieve a full success.

€œThe important thing is the mace€, Nougat Itched:

Another one of the turroneras of Alicante that national reputation reached thanks, in addition to a its products, to a campaign of publicity, was Nougat Itched.

€œIn these Christmases nougat of chocolate€, Suchard:

She is one of the known brands more and, in case outside little, it sent another one of those memorable songs at the time. Children and adults of several generations have sung it to request one of products emblem of the company: its famous chocolate nougat, that after the launching of this announcement was still, if it fits, more associate to the Suchard brand.

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