Absences Mart­n Sanz book

Mart­n Sanz, journalist and writer€œA book that arise from the necessity to remember to some of those people and places who marked my personal and professional trajectory during the two last decades and who today no longer are with us€. Thus he describes to the writer and journalist Mart­n Sanz his last work, Absences, the past immediate an intimate and sentimental route by of Alicante through some characters who, each to their form and way, dedicated their life and builds to contribute €œthat something that does to this singular and different earth€, the author explains.

Journalist Sergio Balseyro, the official chronicler Vicente Ramos, painter Enrique Lled³, the writers Pepe Bauz¡ and Robert G³mez i Perez, the Margot sculptor, publisher Paco Camarasa, photographer Caco S¡nchez or the businessman Joaquin €œCinchona€ Domenech are present in this glance to works, gestures and attitudes carried out in the province of Alicante that of a form or another one contributed to form their present.

Not only of people it is made Absences. Mart­n Sanz also proposes in its narios book a trip toAbsences Mart­n Sanz bookesce of another time. Places and the premises that no longer exist or that they changed and that also have marked the professional and personal life of the writer and hundreds of Alicante of the time. Among them they are the restaurant the Jumillano, the Astoria Cinemas, the Islet of the Albufereta, Chªz Gaspar, the Italy Gallery or the La Prensa newspaper, whose writing was located on the street Orense.

€œOne is a sincere plea in defense of the memory, an exercise against the forgetfulness. Because to always remember it is to relive€, it express Sanz, that will present the work next 25 of November to the 20.00 hours in the Association of Relatives and Friendly of Patients of Alzheimer, located in the Sport Avenue Miriam Blasco nº13 of Alicante, and to who will destine all the collection by the sale of the book.

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