When the €œImportant thing€ is the encounter

Gala Diario Informaci³n

A year more, the Audience of the Delegation of Alicante remained small to welcome in of the Alicante ones that they added themselves to the party of the delivery of €œthe Important€ prizes of the Daily Information. More than 2,000 people, representative of all the sectors, they went to the call that has been confirmed as the more multitudinal social encounter of whatever is celebrated in the capital. The world of the arts,€¦

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€˜The spy who deceived to Moscow€™, new book of the journalist of Alicante Claudio Reig

Cover of €˜the spy who deceived to Moscow€™, new book of the journalist of Alicante Claudio Reig

History, intrigue and Cold War. The journalist of Alicante Claudio Reig publishes €˜the spy who deceived to Moscow€™, a novel on the life of Joaqu­n Madolell, parachutist of the Air Force and spy Spanish infiltrated in the secret services of the old Soviet Union. When 50 years of this history are marked, Reig rescues it among the documentation declassified by the company and Spanish historical archives to narrate how Madolell€¦

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Mart­n Sanz proposes a trip to the history and essence of Alicante with its book €˜Absences€™

Absences Mart­n Sanz book

€œA book that arise from the necessity to remember to some of those people and places who marked my personal and professional trajectory during the two last decades and who today no longer are with us€. Thus it describes to the writer and journalist Mart­n Sanz his last work, Absences, the past immediate an intimate and sentimental route by of Alicante through some characters who, each to his€¦

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David Mart­nez: €œThe citizen media is a great deceit€

David Mart­nez, journalist and editor head of Alicante Place.

We inaugurate our section dedicated to journalists of Alicante with David Mart­nez Jord¡. Been born in Alcoy for 34 years, It has been licensed in Public Publicity and Relations by the University of Alicante (UA). He was collaborating of ABC Alicante between 2003 and 2008, where it happened to be delegated in 2008 until 2014, when it gave the jump to exert of top person in charge of the edition in the Valencian Community of the periodic dean of€¦

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