Nothing less than three quarters of century is those that Newspaper fulfills Information, event that the newspaper celebrates tonight with a great finery. The chosen place cannot be more symbolic: the impression plant where the tens are born from thousands of units that still are thrown daily with the head in a clear example of the resistance of a business model that suffers and suffers, but that still resists although many insist on giving it by dead for a long time.

Information is past, present and future of all the province. It does not have of Alicante of birth, adoption or step that have sometimes not had a unit between its hands or that nowadays, with the new technologies, some of its social contents in its digital edition or networks reads or visits. The newspaper has given testimony precise of all the occurred one not only in this zone, but anywhere in the world, because it agrees to remember that before the globalisation and the hyperconnectivity the badly injured local or provincial paper was the only form to gather and to present what it happened. Of the same form that has brought about great changes in our surroundings, as it corresponds to all journalistic means that boast to be it, by means of the denunciation, the promotion of the debate and the diffusion of currents or ideas.

With Information many children of Alicante learned to read, home with his I supplement the Chalk and raising little by little of level happening through all the sections, always covered with excellent journalists, who perhaps inoculated without knowing it the passion of the profession to young people who today, already adult, are companions. Of the same form that occurred the opportunity to live unforgettable experiences through its promotions, gifts of entrances or sponsorship of events that comprise of the history of this earth and, with her, of our lives.

All that participates in a form or another one in the existence of the head can feel proud of which this remains thanks to its dedication, effort and knowledge to do. The only formula so that, we hope, can celebrate very many years more.

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