Kidfluencers: thus it is the market of influencers minor


That the marketing of influencers is an unstoppable phenomenon is beyond all doubt. Users with great communities of followers in social networks exert as prescribers and ambassadors for brands and companies of all type, and many people even reach to only live (and very well) by the income that they generate with her publications in Internet. Now, in addition to already conocid­simos influencers, a niche in the networks arises: content€¦

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Design of corporative Webs: ten advice to elaborate them successfully

Design of corporative Webs

All strategy of digital marketing that boasts must have in the webpage the central element on which all the other pieces must pivot. The social contents, networks, relational marketing and all action of sale offline even must always have in the Web the site in which is born and dies, the place in which who do not know us they must know who we are, what€¦

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Thus she is Vero: pros and cons of the new fashionable social network


They have touched to ceiling the social networks? Of a time to this part, many users sail by his feeds with a similar sensation: they always are with the same. The stereotypes as the false appearance of permanent happiness, the hoaxes, the food, the cats or the glorification of the friendship follow one another photo after photo, always presented in identical formats, and many usuary faithfuls begin search further on. In this€¦

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Five advice of Facebook Ads to take your campaign successfully

Advice of Facebook Ads

The world of digital marketing, since it already operated his professionalisation some ago years, is weaving a network of tools, techniques and procedures of sale and publicity never before seen nor imagined. One of most prolific is par excellence in the social network, that as much has in its advertising platform a gold mine for itself as for that knows to use it: here some advice of Facebook go€¦

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How to avoid the cannibalisation of key words in your strategy SEO

How to avoid the cannibalisation

The strategy of positioning of our Web can to a great extent determine the success or failure of our business. In addition to fighting against a ferocious competition, to always satisfy the capricious aims with the algorithm of Google and search the best tools and techniques to increase our position in the web search engines, we must consider a principle: our eagerness to climb can cause that we become our own one€¦

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What is funnel and how to remove started off to him in your strategy from digital marketing

Funnel of conversion

A person receives a message that allows him to know a new product or service. Certain sample interest and, as of that moment, the emitting company of the message that caught its attention unfolds a fan of resources to respond to each of its stimuli in search of obtaining that interest molds its decision of purchase and turns to the usuary potential in client. All that process, the call funnel€¦

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chatbot daily ace

To two months of the World-wide one, little we know envelope how it will be the informative unfolding in Russia. The sport press and Telecinco €“ chain with the exclusive right not yet is developing what new features would contribute to be able to attract the readers and spectators. What yes it is foreseeable is the use of chatbots. The virtual assistants already had an excellent paper in the Europe of France and these two years, all the winds€¦

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Enterprising women: the greater projection in time record

enterprising woman alicantepng

Proud of the good work done. Thus we felt in ComunicAlicante after the mediatic and social impact that has had our news of national recognition for of the Alicante Natalia Calder³n, awarded by its contribution to that the businessmen can obtain optimal results with the use of the new technologies. Of the news on our friend, that she was developed in the offices of ComunicAlicante, they have become echo the main informative means€¦

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Email Marketing: 10 keys to increase your sales

Email marketing

The email marketing is one of the most important legs in any strategy of digital marketing. Beyond the contents that we generate, of the form in which we invigorate them in the social networks or how we present our products or services in the Web, in the funnel of conversion of our strategy different techniques from mailing must be contemplated. Definition of Email Marketing But, what is the e-mail€¦

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When the €œImportant thing€ is the encounter

Gala Diario Informaci³n

A year more, the Audience of the Delegation of Alicante remained small to welcome in of the Alicante ones that they added themselves to the party of the delivery of €œthe Important€ prizes of the Daily Information. More than 2,000 people, representative of all the sectors, they went to the call that has been confirmed as the more multitudinal social encounter of whatever is celebrated in the capital. The world of the arts,€¦

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