Bornay is a SME of Alicante that will be distributing official of batteries Tesla in Spain.

Bornay is a SME of Alicante that will be distributing official of batteries Tesla in Spain.They are not nothing new. They take almost increasing the enterprise weave of Alicante for half a century. Now, with the expansion of Tesla in Spain, they occupy an important space in mass media. Bornay is a SME of Alicante dedicated to the energy that takes operating from 1970 in the province. With much presence in South America and projects in Peru, Venezuela or Chile, in addition to other many European countries and of the Middle East, this company has been put in the center by a strategic alliance.

While Tesla, the company of electrical and independent cars that threatens revolutionizing the industry, continues preparing the structure facing its Spanish ground implantation, this company of Alicante already has taken a giant passage to shelter itself under the extensive shade of its tree: Bornay is the first and, at the moment, only official distributor of the batteries of Tesla in Spain.

Although it knows the world well the batteries, this company only has in them one of his multiple facets of work. Specialized in renewable energies and, mainly, in aerogenerators, they saw in the growth of Tesla an opportunity. And they wanted to fight by her. Now, this company of little more than a twenty of employees but of global dimension is going to support the increasing presence of the company of electrical cars in Spain, that so far limits itself to have determined its headquarters (in Barcelona) while it selects personnel through different job offers in his Web.

The batteries of Tesla are a system of saving of energy for private consumption in the home. Although at the moment have been being legislative ties, the vision de futuro took to the company of Alicante to call already to the door of the company founded by Elon Musk for more of a year. At that time, there was still no a plan defined for the implantation of Tesla in Spain, but already a bond was created. The relation will not be exclusive, since the Americans do not have that form to work, but at least yes in first fruit. And, while the others move to race against the clock to reclaim land, a SME of Alicante already knows what is to ally itself with one of more powerful the multinational companies of the moment.

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