A simple word, that not even it exists, has taken when youtuber of Alicante MrGranBomba to the position number one in the section €˜Videos of the moment€™ of YouTube: caranchoa. That was the denomination that dedicated to him to a worker in one of its videos of jokes recorded with hidden camera by the street, and by that the other protagonist of the scene ended up attacking to him. A single word and the images showing the case have served so that the young person, who counts almost half with million subscribers in his channel, has been the protagonist of the last days even in the digital versions of newspapers of national distance. After the aggression, MrGranbomba it went to the hospital to be taken care of, and with his part of injuries it already went to police station to denounce the aggressor, as it explains in his video, that three days after being raised and with 4.7 million visits has been eliminated.

The main written mass media, as El Pa­s, El Mundo, ABC or 20 Minutes have picked up the news, as well as other many television networks, radio transmitters and even the platform of collection of companies, in which already a request circulates so that youtuber it retires the denunciation that interposed against the man who attacked to him in the video. The speed of the facts has been like the young person of Alicante was today, Monday, only a day after the publication of its video, speaking envelope it in a national television.

Many have been the famous journalists, characters and youtubers that has thought with respect to the happened thing, with a debate in fashion: was just the aggression of the worker after calling €˜caranchoa to him€™? At the moment, and after making clear in tweet that its only intention is to make laugh to people with its videos, the magnitude of the subject has taken to him to assure that it considers to park, at least temporarily, its occupation as youtuber. Yes it has eliminated, at the moment, his profile in Twitter.

MrGranbomba, before caranchoa exploded the €˜case€™, already counted with thousands of subscribers by its videos of jokes recorded with hidden camera. In fact, in the piece in which it relates the undergone aggression affirms that it has recorded much more extreme scenes and by which could have had worse consequences, but it has not been until the moment at which it has used already the famous word that has been attacked by a stranger.

€“ Update (15 of December of 2016): The user has erased by own decision the majority of videos of his channel of Youtube, as well as suspended his profiles in social networks after the harassment to MrGranBoma denounced by his family, reason why enlances of this post has been updated. Part of the video triggering factor of the controversy can continue seeing itself here:

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