Cover of €˜the spy who deceived to Moscow€™, new book of the journalist of Alicante Claudio Reig

Cover of €˜the spy who deceived to Moscow€™, new book of the journalist of Alicante Claudio Reig

History, intrigue and Cold War. The journalist of Alicante Claudio Reig publishes €˜the spy who deceived to Moscow€™, a novel on the life of Joaqu­n Madolell, parachutist of the Air Force and spy Spanish infiltrated in the secret services of the old Soviet Union. When 50 years of this history are marked, Reig rescues it among the documentation declassified by the company and Spanish historical archives to narrate how Madolell carried out the main action of counterespionage of the happened Cold War in the south of Europe.

The call €˜Mari operation€™, developed jointly by the United States, Italy and pro-Franco Spain, served to disarticulate a network of Russian military intelligence, and is a history practically not known that the author, through his investigation, details with minucia, data and left hand. Of how an Italian Communist recruited a boy of the hunger of the Spain of years 40 to turn to him into one of the great spies of national history. €˜The spy who deceived to Moscow€™ is a real event, a piece of the history of Spain, but also a novel of spies, yet what that supposes. Reig takes care of ComunicAlicante before presenting its book in its city. For want of official confirmation, that presentation will take place next the 14 of June in the SEU.

Claudio Reig, author of €˜the spy who deceived to Moscow€™, during an interview in the radio.
Claudio Reig, author of €˜the spy who deceived to Moscow€™, during an interview in the radio.
€“When and how you knew for the first time of the history of Madolell?

€“ By a well-known that was in its funeral and it told me that there was in Moscow infiltrated as spy. Joaqu­n Madolell passed away in Madrid the 1 of October of 2011.

€“How begin of zero an historical does investigation thus?

€“ In my case I chose to follow one double one via. Of a side, I initiated a search by the military archives of the State, foreign agencies of intelligence, Italian judicial archives, hemerotecas of Spanish and foreign newspapers, as well as by the little published bibliography on the matter. Of another one, I looked for direct sources: military companions of Madolell in the expert intelligence agent and Air Force of the Mari operation.

€“What difficulties you have found by the way? You had some impediment while you investigated and you wrote €˜the spy who deceived to Moscow€™?

€“ The greater difficulty is the impossibility of access to the file of the case. The Mari operation (Madolell-Rinaldi) still remains to day of today under safekeeping in the archives of the Spanish System of Intelligence. This is thus because Spain lacks a law of declassification of official secrets. Therefore, most difficult it has been to reconstruct the chronological and operative sequence of the mission. To part of this, I did not find any impediment. Rather on the contrary.

€“At what moment is to you account of which this history had to become book?

€“ From the first moment. It could not clear of the head the challenge to me that supposed to keep awake this real passage of the recent history of Spain practically unknown. In addition, according to it advanced in the investigation, the dimension of the carried out operation by this Spanish military man did not stop surprising to me. A report of the company exists that certifies that the Mari operation was the carried out mission of more important counterespionage in the south of Europe against the military secret services of the Soviet Union in the decade of 1960.

€“How many can hidden novels as €˜the spy who deceived to Moscow€™ have in the declassified archives of the company?

€“ Infinite. The last documentary declassification of the company has put in the network more than 12 million pages.

€“They continue occurring as important infiltrations as the narrated one in €˜the spy who deceived to Moscow€™ in the conflicts of nowadays?

€“ Yes, the inflitraciones and the double game with enemy agents always lock up risks, but the high performance that this type of operations usually offers turns it into a practice so forced as habitual.

€“Which was the paper of Spain in the Cold War? It was limited this case or it collaborated with the United States by other routes?
€“ Al to finalize II the World war, Spain was a country detested by the western democracies. This was thus, mainly, due to the affections german³filas of the pro-Franco dome. Nevertheless, when the home of the Cold War begins to watch itself, the geostrategic situation of Spain arouses the interest of the USA. Between the feasible hypotheses that they handled the western agencies of intelligence were the invasion of free Europe on the part of Moscow and its countries satellites, aligned in the Warsaw Pact. Before this fear, the strategy of answer of the Atlantic Alliance concentrated in the only weapon able to reach the vital centers of the Soviet Union: the atomic superbombers of long reach, essential element of the American nuclear power. After the signature, in 1953, in the three bilateral agreements with the USA that Hispanic-North Americans in Spanish territory, the USA and Spain allowed to the installation of four military bases, logically, they increased bows and cooperation in the matter of defense and intelligence. Since then and until entered good the democracy, the company operated in Spain with too much freedom. Sometimes in favor of the Spanish interests, as in the matter of counterintelligence; others, defending its own interests, as in the case of the Sahara, where they worked Hassan II please.
€“Is crowdfunding the solution for authors and histories outside great publishing houses and showcases?
€“ In my case it has been thus. Thanks to one publishing as, specialized in the publication of projects of crowdfunding, this investigation has seen the light. To count in the financing of the book with people who you do not know, but that supports your project, is very rewarding at the same time as it supposes a serious challenge not to defraud to them.
One of the obtained archives fruit of the investigation of Claudio Reig to write €˜the spy who deceived to Moscow€™
Document of the Italian magistrature where it appears a relation of the people
investigated in Spain after the halting of the Italian spies Giorgio and Zarina Rinaldi. 

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