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There is no Christmas without nougat of Alicante in Spain. Because the one that is consumed in almost all parts usually is elaborated in the province of Alicante. Concretely in the locality of Xixona. The arrival from the typical candy to the linear stores and of the supermarkets marks the arrival of so indicated dates. Something that not only happens more early, but even gets to have permanent character due to the deseasonalisation of the product. Every time they are the homes that continuously consume nougat independent of the month of the year, or in its traditional format or some of its varieties: ice cream, €˜gourmet€™ cream for plate support, et cetera.

The fame of the nougat of Alicante extends our borders, but not always it is possible to find product of quality or the tried brand when it is lived in other countries. Something that has solved The project, start up by Fabi¡n Coloma, has been able to supply reliably and precise to those people who by far which they are want to enjoy their favorite candy. Lapland, Hawaii or Japan are some of the places where, from its Xixona birthday, it serves this entrepreneur.

A history of passion, certainty, work and originality that deserved to be counted thanks to its great amount of noticiables elements. bet for it by our agency of communication in Alicante and the result could not have been better. Fabian and nougat not only are anywhere in the world, but also in great amount of mass media, thus contributing to let grow the fame of a product to which as much Alicante must.

After several meetings to know thorough their project and trajectory, the professionals of ComunicAlicante proposed the accomplishment of a consisting of means campaign the alaboraci³n of a note of press made according to the values notifies detected. Its distribution would be the starting point to propose the journalists, of customized way, approaches and own interviews with which to be able to deal with a subject the total present time.  In this video a summary of the successful reach can be seen.

nougat antenna 3

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