Tendencies in marketing of contents at which already we arrived behind schedule

Tendencies in marketing of contents

Digital marketing is in constant evolution, reason why all the agents implied in him practically are forced to a constant formation and a recycling practically day after day in many of their practices. He is not less in the case of one of the kings of the industry: the new tendencies in marketing of contents maintain the objective and background, but they renew formats and tools constantly. But, how we can€¦

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The best thing of digital marketing, in Alicante thanks to Eemeeting 2018

Eemeting 2018

A year plus the EEME Business School returns to surprise with its Congress of Eemeeting Marketing, because in this 7º edition of the event has seted out to surpass the expectations of all the assistants, being introduced diverse new features to us that will not leave indifferent anybody. Next the 23 February in the Palace of Congresses of Alicante lovers of digital marketing will be able to enjoy an exciting day of communications lead€¦

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Five new features in marketing of influencers for 2018

New features in marketing of influencers

Influencers continues being the kings of the celebration in Internet. Every time they are more famous and every day that happens somebody to the list of the people is added who can allow themselves to live on the social networks. In a world as the one of the digital marketing, in which everything changes at a high speed and the tendencies and tools practically renew from one year to the next, he is vital to be€¦

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Thus it is Level Padel, app of Alicante that prevails in means


The growth of p¡del in Spain does not have comparison, which goes united to the creation of multitude of products and services associated to its practice for delight of his more and more nourished community of followers. In that scope Level Padel moves, one app created and developed in Alicante that helps the players of this sport to find companions and rivals for the practice of p¡del. Level€¦

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The App to become thin with professionals is called Mine Diet


Apps to become thin are many in the market. The irruption of the new technologies and the possibilities that offer smartphones and other wearables has changed totally the way in which the people can control their feeding nowadays to thin or to secure their objectives through the nutrition, as to take a life healthier or to shine a certain body. Control of ingested calories, power cost in rest€¦

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The new algorithm of Facebook: goodbye to contents of means and companies in your feed

new algorithm of Facebook

Facebook has returned to introduce new variables in its algorithm. And, as usual, the change is going to suppose a revolution in the way to use and to consume the social network. The new algorithm of Facebook (edgerank) will cause that the users visualize less containing created by mass media and companies in his feed to prioritize those publications realised by their friendly, relatives and contacts generally. A return to€¦

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Villa Venice, five years in the top of the Spanish luxury

Villa Venice

The hotel company of Alicante Magic Costa Blanca, after some of its recent successes, has returned to secure an important recognition: the users of the TripAdvisor portal, one of the fundamental references at the time of choosing tourist destinies, has recognized Villa Venice as one of the best hotels of luxury of Spain by fifth consecutive year. The prize Travellers' Choice, given by the platform from the opinions of€¦

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The erotic twisted roll of Diversual: the new and sharp tradition of Reyes

diversual erotic twisted roll

The company of Alicante Diversual, well-known for being one of the stores of more powerful erotic toys of Internet, has returned to be the news by one of its initiatives. In this occasion, e-commerce with headquarters in of the Alicante locality of the Campello has jumped to informative forward edge by its last creation: the erotic twisted roll of Diversual. The project consists of modifying the different objects that hide in€¦

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The 2017 of ComunicAlicante: the more outstanding projects and campaigns

New challenges for the next year

The year is finished and arrives the moment for making balance. In ComunicAlicante, 2017 have been an intense and full course of new features: clients, projects and new challenges to which to face us to offer the best service to our clients and to on approval put as professionals day to us after day. We have helped multitude of companies with what better we know to do, as is the corporative communication, the marketing of contents,€¦

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Digital marketing and Christmas: new forms to communicate the one of always


Christmas is one of the most special times of the year at communicative level, and the departments of marketing of all the companies of the world take advantage of it thousands and one forms. It is a stage marked by customs and traditions, by the return to certain common places that they visit year after year. But, whatsoever, the relation between digital marketing and Christmas is more and more near: we look for€¦

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