The new letter of Goiko Grill, presented in Alicante for all Spain

goiko grill manero molla

Hamburgueser­a fashionable, Goiko Grill, the past celebrated 11 Mondays an event in its premises of the street Manero Moll¡ in Alicante. It was one double celebration: on the one hand, Goiko wanted to organize a Christmas celebration to vindicate its second premises in Alicante; and on the other hand, more important still, the new letter of Goiko Grill appeared in Alicante, and for all Spain, of the hand of the dome€¦

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Marketing intelligence: thus it is the R+D of the marketing research that it will change the future

marketing intelligence

The evolution of the techniques of marketing research, publicity and sales on the part of the companies has walked during the last decades in parallel to the technological evolution. Each advance went united to a new form to sell: of the announcements in press and radio one went to the television spots; banners in Internet, digital marketing arrived and the social networks. Now, a new way to understand€¦

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Tendencies in social average marketing for 2018

tendencies in social average marketing for 2018

Digital marketing is a so young field that year is practically re-invented completely after year. Their practices, tools and analyses vary enormously in agreement advances the time and appear new formats, reason why the professionals of the sector live in a constant update in which to his aptitudes and formation she talks about. What they know today can not valerles for anything tomorrow, reason why to know what€¦

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Now it is possible to put you in the skin of another person, renting its life!

night in land of wolves

Who has not wished sometimes to live a play from the other side of the curtain or knowledge how is the day to day of that profession that as much it likes? What for some people are habitual, for others can be an incredible experience. This is what the creators considered of Rents a life, three friendly that have started up a platform that it tries to offer€¦

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Marketing in vertical format: the mobile as main support of consumption of contents

marketing in vertical format

The habits of consumption of the users are evolving with time, and the commercial messages adapt them. Each support has made dance to the publicists and designers to conform itself to its own characteristics: the traditional wedges of radio, the spots of television, the pages of publicity in press or banners in Internet have had their own advantages and messages, as now it begins it€¦

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Marketing of microinfluencers: amount before quality?

to microinfluencer

The companies and brands that resort to people with great communities of followers in the social networks are living an exponential increase in the last years and months. The powerful accounts more and more are quoted, cach©s of influencers raises as the foam and the brands are not few that must resign to it. Against this background, the campaigns have turned towards a new type of communication: €¦

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Goiko Grill Murcia: local number 26 of hamburgueser­a gourmet

Goiko Grill Murcia opens its doors, which supposes local number 26 of the chain in Spain.

Goiko Grill Murcia opens its doors. A new landmark of hamburgueser­a gourmet founded by Andoni Goicoechea, who with the one of the capital of the Region raises the blind don't mention it less than local number 26 of all Spain. He will not be the unique one, because in the next months the inhabitants of other cities of national geography will have the opportunity to enjoy the restaurant closely together that has turned€¦

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Why is the SEO important for your company?

It discovers why the SEO is important for your company with this article of our Web

Many people with positions of certain relevance in companies that have still not undertaken their way towards the digitalization ask themselves: Why is the SEO important? Even, many of them directly consider: What is the SEO? In ComunicAlicante, as agency of digital marketing and corporative communication, at the time of selling our services we tried to make a little Didactics so that the potential clients see that€¦

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The establishments of the Magic chain, better hotels of Alicante in Tripadvisor

Spectacular views of the hotel Villa Venice in Benidorm

One of the more powerful and influential portals of Internet in the travellers has published its ranking and statistics, and among the results next to the province it emphasizes a data: the hotel chain Magic counts on some of the best hotels of Alicante in Tripadvisor. The company, that also has supply of establishments in other places of the Valencian Community, leads in addition other locations to the prestigious ranking of€¦

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These are the six winning companies of the prize of Ulab and Delikia

The contest of start-UPS of Ulab and Delikia already has winners

The jury has deliberate and six enterprising projects of Alicante have been chosen as winners of the contest of start-UPS organized by Ulab and Delikia. In particular they have been the projects Connects it, Pearl Jump, Lœ to me, McWatchesCo, What Pain and the Pineapple, whose visibility will be able to increase exponentially thanks to the peculiar but effective prize of the contest: to place its images in two million glasses of coffee distributed by the machines strategically located by everything€¦

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