Ulab and Lanzadera, together by the promotion of start-UPS of Alicante

Ulab and Lanzadera collaborate by second consecutive year in the promotion of start-UPS of Alicante

Ulab and Lanzadera, two of the nuclei of more powerful ideas of the Valencian Community, will unite their ways for the promotion of a select group of start-UPS of Alicante. The accelerator of companies impelled by Juan Roig the past had Wednesday 18 of October a taking of initial contact with 15 local projects that are developed in Ulab, the laboratory of innovation and ideas located in center of Alicante. €¦

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€˜Murcia, what digital you are! €™: an event to put the center in the digital undertaking

In €˜Murcia, what digital you are€™ to assistants and rapporteurs of first level in digital marketing will meet

The digital undertaking in Murcia is prepared for its great annual appointment. €˜Murcia, what digital you are€™ it is a tradition of recent creation (two editions have been celebrated only) that the 24 of November in the Spa of Archena will return to take place next. It will be a day with more than two hundreds of people comings of all Spain to see the true protagonists, some rapporteurs of first level. Two€¦

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Contest of startups in Alicante: Delikia and Ulab impel the visibility of new companies

Ulab and Delikia have summoned a contest of startups in Alicante with a peculiar prize: to appear in two million coffee glasses

Many incipient companies of the province consider how or where to participate in a contest of startups in Alicante. Now, Ulab and Delikia have summoned a race in which they will award to local projects of recent creation with a peculiar prize that will suppose an immense push to its visibility: to appear in the coffee glasses of the machines of Delikia by all the province. Altogether, more than two million€¦

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It follows the expansion of Goiko Grill: inauguration of its second premises in Alicante

The expansion of Goiko Grill has taken to him to have 24 restaurants already

The expansion of Goiko Grill does not have limits. The gourmet hamburger signature has celebrated the celebration of inauguration of its second restaurant in Alicante, city in which less than disembarked four months ago with the first premises, as part of an ambitious strategy that is taking to them by all the corners of the peninsula. In January of 2017, Valencia was the first location in which Goiko Grill€¦

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Photography for acts and events in Alicante: graphical journalism

The photography for acts and events in Alicante is a sector to the rise in the city

The photography for acts and events in Alicante is a sector that is multiplying its activity lately. Search photographers in Alicante, companies of photography of events or photocall has become a common practice during the preparation of a special day, so that the ones in charge of the organization can have hi-res images and quality to their later diffusion and its file in€¦

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The €˜letter of erotic boxes€™ of Diversual catches the attention of means

Impacts that the letter of erotic boxes of Diversual has obtained in mass media

€˜Letter of erotic boxes€™: a concept that perhaps does not say much by itself but, once observed and included, gives to understand to what extent the companies are sent to bet by the experiencial tourism that it takes to the user to enjoy a more active form of his vacation. Thus Diversual has done it, company of Alicante leader in the erotic market online, that next to the Valencian company€¦

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Turismofilia in mass media with Magic Costa Blanca

Turismofilia in mass media

Turismofilia. The expression arises as contrast to the neologism €œturismofobia€ that, according to Fundeu, it denominates the protests and vandalic acts registered in some Spanish populations reason why some groups even consider a saturation of visitors untenable. It can be paradoxical that a country that it has to the tourist sector as one of its fundamental economic motors throws stones on its own tile roof in a recovery context after years of crisis. Before this€¦

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What is the game experience and how some companies apply it

Game experience: what is and how the companies apply it

The game experience is fashionable. The digitalization reaches it everything: from the form to communicate to us, to inform to us or to work to, by all means, the one to amuse to us and to take advantage of our leisure. The new generations, by topic that is, are servant with the view put in a screen, in which they can find as much entertainment as in the analogical world. And to that tendency some companies have phelp attention already, as€¦

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The new technologies of the information and the management of the duel

The management of the duel was one of the last things that remained other people's to the new technologies: no longer

Something as eternal as the management of the duel is being revolutionized by the new technologies. The loss of a loved one brings about a pain and a later process of mourning that takes being one of the main preoccupations of the people from the home of the times: now, in Alicante, an innovating project tries to apply new formulas to a situation that is of everything less new. It is€¦

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Fashionable Instagramers of Alicante: the profiles that prevail more in the network

Instagramers fashionable of Alicante reunites to collaborating brands and companies in their profiles

Instagramers fashionable of Alicante breaks through in the social network of the moment with the province as camping bases. The platform, that is practically used in its totality from the mobile, is cradle of influencers of all type, but essentially with two thematic power stations: the fashion and lifestyle. It is, in addition, a mainly feminine field, reason why (with the exception of which already we published in our article€¦

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