Consumer-first marketing: to take care of to the client as growth strategy

Consumer-first marketing bases its strategy on taking care of the client.

The market begins to be also saturated in Internet. To resort to an agency of communication for companies, businesses or SMEs is a practice very helped to guarantee the presence and image name brand of the companies in the network, but the competition and the application of new techniques on the part of those who better know them have caused that the mere presence is not worth to ensure the success. Against this background,€¦

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The Alicante de Falco, the novel of Perez-Reverte

cover falco Perez to review to you

The most recent novel of Arturo P©rez-Reverte calls €œFalco€, name of its protagonist, spy to the orders of the incited to rebellion side to which it is entrusted to him to introduce itself in republican territory during the Civil War to lead a mission: to release to Jos© Antonio Primo de Rivera of the jail of Alicante, where is captive. A recommendable work in which, as usual, the academic writer and treats history€¦

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Snapchat and digital marketing: the revolution of the video in direct

The union between Snapchat and digital marketing can be very beneficial for the companies.

Already several years ago the social networks the future stopped being to become an obligation for the companies. All agency of communication of companies, businesses and SMEs that works during the day to day inbound marketing has in the corporative profiles of Twitter and Facebook a fishing-ground of potential clients and users for its products, but there is a high risk of which their messages have little€¦

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Social networks and charity: the lie as source of income

Sometimes, social networks and charity are put to the service of the bad intention of many people.

Many are the companies that resort to an agency of communication for companies, businesses and SMEs in which to delegate its image in Internet as a source of income. The businessmen see in this sector a niche explode to expand their areas of business, and apparently more than a hostile person he has decided to talk back the model outside the club world. Social networks and charity are united,€¦

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Tendencies in Google: of prescriptions to the diets in only one week

The tendencies in Google show peculiar behaviors during Christmas.

The complex world of the SEO, the algorithms and the web search engines is not, in spite of which it can seem, an exact science. As so many other things that surround to us, the searches are seasonal: people do not key the same words in Google in spring that in autumn, in summer that in winter. But the oscillations go beyond long and foreseeable periods, as it can be search a bathing suit€¦

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Webinar: method of an interactive and gratuitous formation

Webinar it is an interactive and often gratuitous form to form in some specific field.

The communication in social networks for companies, businesses and SMEs has become an indispensable element nowadays. Beyond great companies with specific departments in charge of experts in the matter, many are the employees of small and medians societies that they must multiply his functions and competitions to be able to dedicate part of his time to Internet and the presence of his company in€¦

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Bornay, the SME of Alicante that distributes to batteries Tesla in Spain

Bornay is a SME of Alicante that will be distributing official of batteries Tesla in Spain.

They are not nothing new. They take almost increasing the enterprise weave of Alicante for half a century. Now, with the expansion of Tesla in Spain, they occupy an important space in mass media. Bornay is a SME of Alicante dedicated to the energy that takes operating from 1970 in the province. With much presence in South America and projects in Peru, Venezuela or Chile, in addition to other many European countries and of East€¦

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Tendencies in budgets of publicity for 2017

The tendencies in publicity budgets indicate that Internet has more weight than the television

The work tools evolve with the advances of the technology, the improvement of the different techniques and the passage of time. Where thirty years ago there was money to appear in paper newspapers, billboards or spot of television now there is it for digital marketing, social networks or influencers. The tendencies in publicity budgets are not other people's to the change, and agrees to observe the changes that experiment to adapt to€¦

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Announcements of nougat in television, history of Christmas


It is the candy of Christmas by antonomasia, for that reason the nougat announcements bound state historically to their home. The images and mainly the music of many of them remain engravings to fire in our memory, repeating themselves year after year in our heads and even being intoned by all the members of the family when anyone of his known varieties was put more upon the table,€¦

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€˜Caranchoa€™: the history of €˜trending topic€™ done in Alicante


A simple word, that not even it exists, has taken when youtuber of Alicante MrGranBomba to the position number one in the section €˜Videos of the moment€™ of YouTube: caranchoa. That was the denomination that dedicated to him to a worker in one of its videos of jokes recorded with hidden camera by the street, and by that the other protagonist of the scene ended up attacking to him. A single word and the images showing€¦

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