What is the cross-device marketing?


Digital marketing also works with tendencies. Some ago years it seemed impossible to live without mailings, nowadays that place the announcements in social networks occupy it and from already, and looking at the future, the essential thing is going to be the adaptation to the different devices. In order to know what is to the cross-device marketing it is not necessary more to pay attention to the etymology of his denomination: those actions that can have repercussion are€¦

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Flamingueo: the fashionable Christmas present brings it one start-up of Alicante


Magician of the year and the headaches of always approaches more the time. What him brother gift? And even? mother? The imagination has a limit and the conventions take to always finish to us in the same ideas: a necktie, some shoes, a perfume, the t-shirt of their favorite equipment or a jersey with Christmas reasons can be a success, but they are very€¦

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Courses of formation in social networks and digital marketing in Alicante

courses of digital marketing and social networks in Alicante

The communication, digital marketing and the social networks comprise of the day to day of companies, businesses and SMEs. The particular industrial revolution that lives the sector on the publicity in Internet is causing that every time is except the companies that are not opened to the digital world. In context in that it seems that what is not in Internet does not exist, the companies bet by€¦

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To write press notes: it approaches your company means


To write press notes is the first step so that a company appears in means.  Something that, although seems difficult to believe, he is not something reserved exclusively to the societies with great budgets for publicity and nourished marketing departments. The design of efficient strategies and creative initiatives is as important as to know to present them to the press so that the journalists who work in newspapers, radio, television or channels€¦

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Cadena Ser brings to Alicante best marketing and communication

Toni Segarra, creative advertising

The Audience of the Delegation of Alicante (ADDA) will in full dress get dressed next the 29 November on the occasion of the celebration of the I Branding Day. The event, organized by Cadena Ser, will bring to the capital of the Costa Blanca to referring world-wide of marketing and communication, that will share with the attending experiences and accumulated experiences during his resisted races. Everything with main a plot thread: the understood communication€¦

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Shoes, communication and RSC: Pikolinos and the €˜project maasai€™

Maasai women

The boom of the communication, the social networks and marketing in Internet has a competitor in intensity and interest of the companies at this point of the 21st century: the corporative social responsibility. Comunicaci³n and RSC are complemented so that the companies, more and more, plead to give back to the society and its surroundings start off than they receive from her, with shared in common projects and of inclusion that help€¦

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Mart­n Sanz proposes a trip to the history and essence of Alicante with its book €˜Absences€™

Absences Mart­n Sanz book

€œA book that arise from the necessity to remember to some of those people and places who marked my personal and professional trajectory during the two last decades and who today no longer are with us€. Thus it describes to the writer and journalist Mart­n Sanz his last work, Absences, the past immediate an intimate and sentimental route by of Alicante through some characters who, each to his€¦

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Marketing and enterprise communication: to re-invent themselves or to die?


What resources and techniques of marketing must dominate the company to compete in the global world and digitalis? What is the effective communication in the social networks and the surroundings Web? They develop to the companies marketing and the enterprise communication that corresponds at the moment at which we lived? Those and some other similar questions will try to be responded in the enterprise day that will be celebrated the next Thursday, day 10€¦

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Marketing and the Publicity live their particular Industrial Revolution


We have lived modifications in the way to consume means and to hit so important that there are assumption, from the point of view of Marketing and the Publicity, a change similar to the one of the Industrial Revolution. Thus it describes to Jesºs Suso, general director of Avante Average, the situation in which is the sector and the modification of the paradigm to which it responded its operation for decades. The factory, celebrated€¦

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Anniversary of Daily Information, history of our lives


Nothing less than three quarters of century is those that Newspaper fulfills Information, event that the newspaper celebrates tonight with a great finery. The chosen place cannot be more symbolic: the impression plant where the tens are born from thousands of units that still are thrown daily with the head in a clear example of the resistance of a business model that suffers and suffers, but that€¦

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