Digital marketing in Alicante: efficient tools and actions to communicate in Internet

Clients comunicalicante digital marketing 2



  • Design of webpage either optimization of or existing on the basis of criteria the SEO (Optimization of Web search engines) and with content of quality (marketing of contents and inbound marketing) to be visible in Internet when they realise searches related to the sector or scope of action. It is the letter of presentation and container of material, own means in which the company does not depend on third parties to communicate and to send information.
  • Management and maintenance of blogs and corporative channel of the news by means of the writing and publication of articles with the regularity established with thematic of interest for the objective public or related to the matter. Thus we managed to reinforce the SEO, since one of the factors that Google values more is the creation of own content, present and of interest related to the main activity of the company. A good form to take to end your strategy of publicity in Alicante.
  • Informative writing of quality in journalistic and divulging key according to criteria of positioning after analysis of keywords (key words and of tendencies) and configuration of the SEO, present also in the treatment of the audio-visual material (photos, videos, audio, etc) including in the same. In this way it is managed to scale positions in Google to increase the possibility of appearing in searches related to the activity, at the same time as a network of qualified contacts is cultivated.
  • Configuration and management of profiles in social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) of constant way with own and injunctive material of the sector. Of this form it is contributed to the generation of opportunities for the continuous activity offering dynamic and present an alive image, of the brand. In addition, one is able to arrive at public objectives by means of the use from thematic labels or hashtags, at the same time as to establish direct bonding with potential clients (solving doubts, providing information, etc) and to generate a trustworthy image being influenced in the decision of purchase or adhesion to the service. All this repels in an increase of the visibility through the viralizaci³n of the content (other users share the information if he is interesting) or by means of the participation in thematic or sectorial communities.
  • Management of campaigns of payment in Google, Facebook and other social networks, where the impact is assured. We will be able to arrive at all person who makes a certain search sharpening to the maximum the visibility because it is possible to segment the hearing according to interests, age, geographic area, level of studies, socioeconomic, etc.
  • Digital thematic blog, mass media presence or profile of influencers in Alicante or other geographic scopes: visibility, reinforcement of the SEO, publicity and notoriety.