diversual erotic twisted roll

diversual erotic twisted roll

The company of Alicante Diversual, well-known for being one of the stores of more powerful erotic toys of Internet, has returned to be the news by one of its initiatives. In this occasion, e-commerce with headquarters in of the Alicante locality of the Campello has jumped to informative forward edge by its last creation: the erotic twisted roll of Diversual.

The project consists of modifying the different objects that hide in the traditional king cakes by others oriented an adult public. A form to add an sharp point of to a day marked by the common traditions and places but that, with this initiative, it could change for always.

In order to be able to take to end the project, Diversual has had to go beyond its field of specialty in search of the know-how seaman steward: they have signed an agreement with the ilicitana Lozano Artisan Confectioner's, eminences in the matter, who will be their twisted roll suppliers. Each erotic twisted roll of Diversual will have the added value already commented: instead of the traditional beans, little figures or toys will hide elements as a dice of positions, small penises and chests of plastic, g-strings, vibrators or suggestive dolls.

Diversual, with this product, looks for to obtain a D­a de Reyes with an extra point of disease to the traditions that reign in these dates. It will only do it by means of a product apt for adults, that will be distributed in the different bakeries from Lozano, strategic partner of the project, in addition to the establishments of Hiperber in the province of Alicante.

The twisted rolls will have the same mass that the original ones, with the only difference of its form: the twisted roll for adults will draw a heart, more in agreement with its content than the traditional oval form.

The erotic twisted roll of Diversual, in means

The initiative of the company of Alicante, arranged to strain themselves in the houses of many citizens and to take to its land the tradition, is no unnoticed past for mass media.

Average nationals as ABC or El MundoCadena Ser have become echo of the news, in addition to Alicante Place, digital means leader in the province of Alicante, and publications specialized as Economy 3 or local as Alicante Press. An innovating and showy initiative that demonstrates the notoriety that can secure a good strategy of united communication good timing and product that has been in charge to design and to execute ComunicAlicante.


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  1. Dew

    A shining idea! Candy, funny and ..... Happy Twelfth Night, with the Twisted roll of Elche. , Better impossible.
    If not outside by the 400 and tip km that separate to me of the Twisted roll of Reyes de Elche. To give by certainly would be in my table.
    A greeting from Madrid.
    PS: You are brilliant!

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