Ulab and Lanzadera collaborate by second consecutive year in the promotion of start-UPS of Alicante

The collaboration between Ulab and Lanzadera widely has been picked up by mass mediaUlab and Lanzadera, two of the nuclei of more powerful ideas of the Valencian Community, will unite their ways for the promotion of a select group of start-UPS of Alicante. The accelerator of companies impelled by Juan Roig the past had Wednesday 18 of October a taking of initial contact with 15 local projects that are developed in Ulab, the laboratory of innovation and ideas located in center of Alicante.

Incubator Valencian, that this year has sent the fifth call in which different projects from emprendedurismo have been united to Shuttle to impel their business, looks for in next earth of Alicante the start-UPS that will comprise of their next edition, that will start up in January of 2018. Ulab and Lanzadera collaborate thus in the promotion of up to 15 projects that, been born and developed in Alicante, could follow their way in Valencia.

Initially, the day of the past Wednesday was a mere press conference in which the displaced people in charge of Shuttle to Alicante knew the projects and could offer a superficial feedback. One first reciprocal impression in which Marta Nogueras, manager of Projects in Shuttle, and Ana Gim©nez, manager of Marketing and Product, could know live some the entrepreneurs who aspire to enter the next edition of Shuttle.

Ulab and Lanzadera: the second passage of a joint way

A visit focused to the pick up of talent of Alicante, to the attraction of interesting projects that can benefit to both parts. This collaboration between Ulab and Lanzadera, that occurs by second consecutive year, approaches the laboratory of ideas of Alicante to one of the accelerators of companies of potential major at national level: a strategic relationship so that the projects that are born and grow in Alicante finish consolidating in a space of reference for the emprendedurismo.

In addition to the meeting of the past Wednesday, Ulab and Lanzadera will organize individual sessions in which they will help each project to polish and to adapt to the needs of the surroundings. Also there will be chats opened to public on startups and the emprendedurismo, in which the most frequent errors in those will be analyzed than the entrepreneurs fall, how to be able to make work an incipient company and how to meet all the requirements so that Shuttle sees with good eyes bet by a developing project.

Ulab and Lanzadera collaborate by second consecutive year in the promotion of start-UPS of Alicante

A mediatic relation

The collaboration between Ulab and Lanzadera, so and as affirms Isabel Romero, director of Projects of Ulab, supposes €œa privilege and a commitment with the emperendedores of Alicante€. This beneficial relation for the emprendedurismo has waked up, in addition, an ample attention of mass media.

From national newspapers as ABC to local mediums of reference as Information, Alicante Plaza or Alicante Press they have given voice to this joint initiative. Also other portals as Mediterranean Press or Aqu­ in Alicante has considered the collaboration between Ulab and Lanzadera worthy to be the news, as well as average economic specialized as Economy 3, and even beyond average writings, the chain CLOSE-WOVEN PART OF A FISHING NET interviewed to one of the protagonists of history. All these impacts have been managed by ComunicAlicante, agency of communication of in charge of the relations with means and the shipment of note of press to mass media in Alicante and the Valencian Community.

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