In €˜Murcia, what digital you are€™ to assistants and rapporteurs of first level in digital marketing will meet

In €˜Murcia, what digital you are€™ to assistants and rapporteurs of first level in digital marketing will meetThe digital undertaking in Murcia is prepared for its great annual appointment. €˜Murcia, what digital you are€™ it is a tradition of recent creation (two editions have been celebrated only) that the 24 of November in the Spa of Archena will return to take place next. It will be a day with more than two hundreds of people comings of all Spain to see the true protagonists, some rapporteurs of first level.

Two years after the second edition of this congress of digital undertaking in Murcia, some of the most outstanding profiles at national level in niches as e-commerce, the social networks and the SEO will meet in a same scene to locate to the Murcian region as referring of the sector. One hopes that, in addition to more than two hundreds than they will go to Murcia from points of Spanish geography as Madrid, Barcelona, Galicia or Andalusia, tens of thousands of people follow it by streaming through Internet.

The most important Evento de Marketing Digital of the year

In €˜Murcia, what digital you are€™ one will be to turn to the Murcian city, as already it happened in the previous edition, in a tendency between the first positions of Twitter. By all means, in addition to sharing knowledge, analysis and learning in well formed professional surroundings and, there will be time for networking, so that the event serves as excuse of generation of business opportunities: as much by amount as by professionalism and quality of assistants and rapporteurs, it is foreseeable that the ideal weave is created for, although the day does not last beyond a day, power to take advantage of it to create synergies between different present profiles and startups.

Rapporteurs of first level for €˜Murcia, what digital you are€™

Between one nourished ready one of rapporteurs, in €˜Murcia, what digital you are€™ they will be Pedro Rojas, specialist in strategic consultancy; Jos© Facch­n, dedicated to content marketing and the blogs; Fernando Olcina, lawyer of digital right; Itziar Tros, ordered of the strategic planning in Friday Agency or Miguel Florido, social consultant of digital marketing and networks in addition to professor.

The day will serve as an impulse beyond the excessively theoretical context that surrounds to many events of this type. One is not about mere rapporteurs, but professionals of high level who will share their experience and advice focused to a practical application and of business. A good form to establish the bases for the digital undertaking, a world to which much people send themselves without knowing thoroughly and that has a great one - but sometimes barely formed competition.

A digital business is compound of multiple factors eg: the organic positioning in finders, social networks and the techniques of sale that include them, Mail Marketing, analytical Web and different factors that surround the digital undertaking. In €˜Murcia, what digital you are€™ we will deal with all the fields the communication in Internet and will deepen in the knowledge and development of the same.

As much in Murcia as in the rest of Spain the level of the companies of digital marketing it is not elevated: few really are digitized, and can be observed supposedly expert companies in the digital world with been out of phase strategies and poor letters of presentation. In a context by far that to learn and to improve, €˜Murcia, what digital you are€™ it can be a good first step to prop up a successful development of the race.

The event €˜Murcia, what digital you are€™ widely it has been gathered by mass media

€˜Murcia, what digital you are! €™, in means

The height of the events can be calibrated based on many different variables, but one of most eloquent is its notoriety. In the case of €˜Murcia, what digital you are! €™, its impact is clearly. From national mass media as ABC to other digital premises as Daily Murcia, the press has become echo of a call of interest beyond its professional niche.

Also both the daily premises leaders in the region of Murcia, the Truth and the Opinion of Murcia, have shown their interest by the event. Both have including as much in their digital editions as in paper the previous one of an event that, in view of the events, it gives that to even speak before being celebrated.


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