Impacts that the letter of erotic boxes of Diversual has obtained in mass media

Impacts that the letter of erotic boxes of Diversual has obtained in mass media€˜Letter of erotic boxes€™: a concept that perhaps does not say much by itself but, once observed and included, gives to understand to what extent the companies are sent to bet by the experiencial tourism that it takes to the user to enjoy a more active form of his vacation. Thus Diversual has done it, company of Alicante leader in the erotic market online, that next to the Valencian company UO* looks for by means of this initiative to contribute to an added value to the leisure and vacation of pairs, to which they offer an incentive and a different experience during his days off.

What are sexbox of Diversual?

The letter of erotic boxes consists of a menu in which offer different elements with which the users can innovate and let themselves take to where its audacity allows them. These €˜Sex Box€™ created by Diversual and designed by UO* leaves from a base well-known, that sees day after day, for that occurs a nut return: like in restaurants or bars the letter is stared at to choose entrants, plates or desserts, in the letter of erotic boxes it is chosen between forms to experienciar the sensuality during an escape.

The idea, as Fernando Mart­nez explained, person in charge of Marketing of Diversual, leaves from the analysis and the drawn conclusions of its own data of sales: the company observed that many purchases were realised in vacation and for stays outside the home, reason why decided to explore that route. To offer, in the tourist market, articles that could mark the experience positively.

The letter of erotic boxes includes three different types of €˜Sex Box€™, with adaptable assortments practically to any pleasure. From simpler, with lubricant, oil of massage and preservatives, more oriented to the sensuality and the eroticism, to games as dices, ring or vibrating bullets and even a whip and fastenings for most bold: one varied supply to complement some vacation with a erotic and funny touch. The erotic boxes will be available in tourist establishments and hotels, between which some great chains already have been interested to include them in their supply.

The letter of erotic boxes, in means

The innovating, showy and present initiatives as the letter of erotic boxes of Diversual usually gives much that to speak, and this case has not been less. The communicative strategy €“ designed and executed by ComunicAlicante, agency of communication of Diversual- has taken to the company to become the historical means news as the newspaper ABC, the daily Information, Las Provincias, cadena Ser €“ where their members were interviewed in direct or La Vanguardia. But also in digital native means as Alicante Place, Alicante Press or Alicante Today, in addition to the premises the Local Present time and the Virtual Chronicle, among others.

A series of impacts that the good one demonstrates that for were the companies, united to an efficient and attractive communication, can multiply its notoriety facing the great public. And if in addition, as in the case of the letter of erotic boxes of Diversual, the news can generate a personal interest in the consumer, the relevance is double.


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