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Goiko Grill AlicanteGoiko Grill Alicante at night celebrated of Thursday 8 of June the opening of its first premises in the city. With direct music in, friendly, cocktails and €“ by supposed hamburgers, hamburgueser­a gourmet gave the welcome to a good handful of guests who exerted as well as hosts of the city.

With a ceiling covered with globes, funny fotomat³n and details for all the assistants, only lacked the note of identity of Goiko so that everything was in its site: the food. It had chicken tenders, one of the demanded entrants more of the letter, teques (palitos of cheese fried), hamburgers made in Goiko and candies to finish. In addition, the evening was still made more pleasant thanks to canes, wines and cocktails done from pure Venezuelan rum that served without rest from the bar.

In the premises, next to the people in charge of Goiko Grill Alicante, the representation of ComunicAlicante and good part of influencers of Alicante, journalists and of Alicante I illustrate of the gastronomical world, a delegation of displaced the Goicoechea family from Madrid gave good account of the event. It was Andoni, founder and ideologist than now it is a chain of restaurants, that was thankful for in a speech the attendance to all the presents and explained its homes, their idea and its devotion by Alicante, city that now welcomes to them.

Goiko Grill Alicante arrives with the experience of a restaurant that works, but not always was thus. The first Goiko, opened makes around a lustrum Mar­a de Molina on the street of Madrid, began as a familiar project in which, as its impeller remembered, nobody obstructs to prove hamburgers in its homes. With a quality product, a positive philosophy and an urban concept, the mouth mouth did the others.

Goiko Grill Alicante in meansWith more than a ten of restaurants in Madrid, and after its expansion by Saragossa and Valencia, Goiko Grill Alicante arrives at the capital of the province with the idea to remain and, why no, to expand. If it obtains it will be, partly, thanks to €˜the Sabrosona€™, hamburger that only can try on in the restaurant of Alicante and that during the inauguration made the delights of the assistants.

The sense of expectancy before the opening of the first restaurant of Goiko in Alicante was well-known. Generalist means as the newspaper ABC, Alicante Place, Alicante Press, Economy 3, El Economista or Costa Blanca Noticias heated the atmosphere before an opening that, as the own people in charge of the brand recognized, beat record by its acceptance and success, and that also was communicated by means specialized in gastronomy as Gastro Gu­a Alicante.

A nice one guarded in that there were music, good company and good hamburgers for all in the premises, Goiko Grill Alicante, of which a new success in its bet only can be expected by the Costa Blanca.

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