Announcements of soccer that marked time

soccer announcements

  As every year the Spanish League appears as one of most exciting of the planet soccer. On the verge of raising to the curtain of a new season with the first party of league between the Athletic Club of Bilbao and the FC Barcelona, in ComunicAlicante we have wanted to remember five announcements of soccer that marked a time. Soccer and publicity have gone of the hand practically from the creation of€¦

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Assassinated journalists: when to exert the profession it is a risk

Assassinated journalists

Many places of the planet continue being dangerous to exert the media. Corners from which to transfer information of first hand for the rest of the world has become a risk office. Totalitarian governments who try to avoid the exit of information, terrorist groups that they see in the reporters external enemies, armed bands, delinquency€¦ A countless number of situations that do not do more than, year after year, to increase€¦

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Italy awards to SELMA Olive Oil by its €œcommunicative impact€

Recognition to SELMA in means.

  For ComunicAlicante it is a pride that one of our clients is recognized publicly, still more if this recognition one talks about to the communicative impact and it comes from the international scope. The enterprise information is a noticiable value that serves to the companions journalists as different means the opportunity to count events of relevance in concrete sectors, as it is the case of SELMA Millenary Olive Oil and products gourmet, as well as in several€¦

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Five books of sport journalism to read in summer

Diseño without título

When we spoke of which already it has arrived the summer is because the moment has arrived for looking for your fresher corner and for tasting the books that you have been kept €œfor vacation€. Vacation that seems that never they arrive, but already are here. In order to disconnect of the day to day, to learn or simply to entertain to us, the reading has often saved to us to fall in the boredom. In the post of€¦

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Five books of journalists to entertain this spring to you

Books of journalists

The reading is one of the most extended habits all over the world: learning, entertainment and expansion of our mind in a pleasant ideal practice to disconnect of the routine and to spend our free time. In ComunicAlicante, as lovers of the reading and the media, we confronted the spring with a good list of recommendations, that by professional deformation they take search books to us of journalists with€¦

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Four classic films on journalism that already you must have seen

Classic films on journalism

The journalistic profession usually has behind himself a mystic difficult to equal. Novels, tests have been written, and until songs; films, short have been rolled, news articles and hundreds of thousand of histories and anecdotes have been counted through infinity of formats and supports. In ComunicAlicante our journalistic trajectory is a great baggage and assets in our work, but also an entertainment niche. For that reason, we propose€¦

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Disassembling clickbait: Bread for today and hunger for morning?


The change in the journalistic model that began to undergo the mediatic universe does already more than one decade follows boiling in the heat of. By the way, the written mass media have, by general norm, thinned until the debilitation their structures, treaty to adapt to some habits still to define and looked for nails burning to which to take hold itself after its survival in this new scene. And, to day€¦

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Selma oil: the importance of the communication when sending a new product

presentation oil olive of luxury by armani

€œA good communication is always essential when a businessman sends a new project with aspiration to become a hollow in the market€. The phrase is of Joaqu­n Selma, one of the majors Valencian product businessmen specialized of the high range, that is trusting in Comunicalicante as agency of communication for the campaign of launching of €œSelma Millenary Olive Oil€, the new oil of Extra Virgin luxury, whose commercialization will begin of€¦

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Villa Venice, five years in the top of the Spanish luxury

Villa Venice

The hotel company of Alicante Magic Costa Blanca, after some of its recent successes, has returned to secure an important recognition: the users of the TripAdvisor portal, one of the fundamental references at the time of choosing tourist destinies, has recognized Villa Venice as one of the best hotels of luxury of Spain by fifth consecutive year. The prize Travellers' Choice, given by the platform from the opinions of€¦

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The erotic twisted roll of Diversual: the new and sharp tradition of Reyes

diversual erotic twisted roll

The company of Alicante Diversual, well-known for being one of the stores of more powerful erotic toys of Internet, has returned to be the news by one of its initiatives. In this occasion, e-commerce with headquarters in of the Alicante locality of the Campello has jumped to informative forward edge by its last creation: the erotic twisted roll of Diversual. The project consists of modifying the different objects that hide in€¦

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