The intelligent park of Benidorm de Ensanche the East, in means

Extension the East in means.

  The public recognition and of the mass media that our clients obtain is a great satisfaction for the work party that composes ComunicAlicante. For Extension the East in this case, it supposes an opportunity to emphasize his value as well as the work that realises. Something that becomes noticiable fact and that it extends to the economic scope, geographic and enterprise in that it operates Extension the East. In€¦

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Italy awards to SELMA Olive Oil by its €œcommunicative impact€

Recognition to SELMA in means.

  For ComunicAlicante it is a pride that one of our clients is recognized publicly, still more if this recognition one talks about to the communicative impact and it comes from the international scope. The enterprise information is a noticiable value that serves to the companions journalists as different means the opportunity to count events of relevance in concrete sectors, as it is the case of SELMA Millenary Olive Oil and products gourmet, as well as in several€¦

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The international program of American students of ULab, in the press

Screenshot 2019-07-08 to 16.18.26

For ComunicAlicante it is a great satisfaction to see how our clients obtain a public recognition through mass media. This success we felt it as own and an excellent way of which its work is valued, granting to him the importance that deserves to the communication and enterprise information. In the case of today we want to tell through blog the case you of corporative communication of ULab Ideas Meeting Point€¦.

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Communication in summer: How to confront the season of vacation?

Communication in summer

In these dates, the majority of the companies already begins to work of little habitual way. Reduced schedules, groups decreased by vacation, suppliers that do not give provision during weeks, clients who do not respond post office€¦ One season in which many things are stopped. But the communication in summer cannot pause: it is a vehicle for, indeed, avoiding that the stoppage pass invoices. The communication in summer is, if it fits,€¦

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The Smart philosophy and Green City of Extension the East of Benidorm, in the press

Screenshot 2019-06-19 to 14.05.33

When one of our clients obtains a public recognition is a satisfaction for the equipment of ComunicAlicante. An opportunity to value the work that realises as company and its corporative objective, as well as to foment the communication and enterprise information. The noticiable value to a geographic zone or economic and enterprise scope that grants a journalistic means publication. Today we want to you to do contributor in the blog of the case of€¦

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Publicity in the footwear: the cornerstone of the industrial lung of Alicante

publicity in the footwear

The sector of the footwear is one of the motors of the economy in the province of Alicante. It is, without a doubt, one of the pillars on which the good health of the provincial industry, inexhaustible source of exports is based and added value unquestionable for thousand of companies and jobs at local level. But, to be able to arrive a step further on, the publicity in the footwear has been€¦

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Strategies of digital marketing B2B: how the companies are sold to other companies

strategy of marketing to sell between companies

The direct sale to the public has many ways. More or less direct commercial messages, more or less creative, in multitude of formats and supports different and with tones from the most varied based on target to which we went. But the thing changes when the emitter of those messages is a company of services that works for other companies: How to sell of attractive form services to companies in time€¦

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Enterprising women: the greater projection in time record

enterprising woman alicantepng

Proud of the good work done. Thus we felt in ComunicAlicante after the mediatic and social impact that has had our news of national recognition for of the Alicante Natalia Calder³n, awarded by its contribution to that the businessmen can obtain optimal results with the use of the new technologies. Of the news on our friend, that she was developed in the offices of ComunicAlicante, they have become echo the main informative means€¦

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Thus it is Level Padel, app of Alicante that prevails in means


The growth of p¡del in Spain does not have comparison, which goes united to the creation of multitude of products and services associated to its practice for delight of his more and more nourished community of followers. In that scope Level Padel moves, one app created and developed in Alicante that helps the players of this sport to find companions and rivals for the practice of p¡del. Level€¦

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The App to become thin with professionals is called Mine Diet


Apps to become thin are many in the market. The irruption of the new technologies and the possibilities that offer smartphones and other wearables has changed totally the way in which the people can control their feeding nowadays to thin or to secure their objectives through the nutrition, as to take a life healthier or to shine a certain body. Control of ingested calories, power cost in rest€¦

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