Recognition to SELMA in means.

Recognition to SELMA in means.


For ComunicAlicante it is a pride that one of our clients is recognized publicly, still more if this recognition one talks about to the communicative impact and it comes from the international scope. The enterprise information is a noticiable value that serves to the companions journalists as different means the opportunity to count events of relevance in concrete sectors, as it is the case of SELMA Millenary Olive Oil and products gourmet, as well as in several geographic zones.

In this case, the granted prize to SELMA transfers the Spanish borders reaching to the Chamber of Commerce of Parma, (Italy) that has awarded to the oil SELMA as the Best Packaging. The city located in Emilia Romagna is one of the gastronomical capitals of the Old Continent and place where is the European agency for food safety. This prize is a recognition to its work and bets by an elegant design and €œa communicative impact€ in charge of M³nica Armani, ordered to realise €˜packaging€™ and of the design of the image name brand. The jury emphasizes the €œcommunicative impact of the design of the container, packaging and image of the label€.

This award is united to already received previously, the gold medal of the prizes Mosque to the best oil of Oliva Virgen Extra of the Iberian Peninsula and the Elio Berhanyer prize as the best design of bottle and dress of AOVE in Spain and Portugal. SELMA Millenary Olive Oil continues growing from its launching the market, arriving at restaurants and exclusive stores not only in Spain, if not in countries as France, Portugal, Switzerland and Germany.

With the confidence of SELMA Millenary Olive Oil as agency of communication and cabinet of press, the equipment of ComunicAlicante put hands to builds them to compile information on the noticiable fact, as well as declarations of the jury of the participants in the delivery of prizes. With collected and the written up news, everything through service of shipment of press notes was sent to journalists and mass media of our ample data base, accompanied by a folder with diverse formats and images for the own elaboration by the news.

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