Italy awards to SELMA Olive Oil by its €œcommunicative impact€

Recognition to SELMA in means.

  For ComunicAlicante it is a pride that one of our clients is recognized publicly, still more if this recognition one talks about to the communicative impact and it comes from the international scope. The enterprise information is a noticiable value that serves to the companions journalists as different means the opportunity to count events of relevance in concrete sectors, as it is the case of SELMA Millenary Olive Oil and products gourmet, as well as in several€¦

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SEOPlus 2019, the greater event on positioning in Google of Spain

Seoplus 2019

SEOPlus 2019, the greater event of positioning in the finder of Google, returns to Alicante by fifth consecutive year. The event, organized by agency of Alicante Webpositer and Team Platino, returns to be celebrated in the Paraninfo of the University of Alicante. The appointment or is an inescapable date as much for professionals who dedicate e-commerce or to marketing digital as for the enthusiastic ones and interested in SEO. In this occasion, the congress will grant to€¦

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Communication in summer: How to confront the season of vacation?

Communication in summer

In these dates, the majority of the companies already begins to work of little habitual way. Reduced schedules, groups decreased by vacation, suppliers that do not give provision during weeks, clients who do not respond post office€¦ One season in which many things are stopped. But the communication in summer cannot pause: it is a vehicle for, indeed, avoiding that the stoppage pass invoices. The communication in summer is, if it fits,€¦

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Influencers de Alicante that prevails in the social networks

Influencers of Alicante are many that professionally gain the life in Internet and the social networks.

In a context in which the social networks already allow to live professionally on them, many are the people who spend their time and efforts to secure great numbers of followers to whom to make arrive its messages. Or through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Youtube, there is a good handful of influencers of Alicante given to the networks as his form of life. Although one of€¦

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Thus she is Vero: pros and cons of the new fashionable social network


They have touched to ceiling the social networks? Of a time to this part, many users sail by his feeds with a similar sensation: they always are with the same. The stereotypes as the false appearance of permanent happiness, the hoaxes, the food, the cats or the glorification of the friendship follow one another photo after photo, always presented in identical formats, and many usuary faithfuls begin search further on. In this€¦

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Tendencies in marketing of contents at which already we arrived behind schedule

Tendencies in marketing of contents

Digital marketing is in constant evolution, reason why all the agents implied in him practically are forced to a constant formation and a recycling practically day after day in many of their practices. He is not less in the case of one of the kings of the industry: the new tendencies in marketing of contents maintain the objective and background, but they renew formats and tools constantly. But, how we can€¦

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The new algorithm of Facebook: goodbye to contents of means and companies in your feed

new algorithm of Facebook

Facebook has returned to introduce new variables in its algorithm. And, as usual, the change is going to suppose a revolution in the way to use and to consume the social network. The new algorithm of Facebook (edgerank) will cause that the users visualize less containing created by mass media and companies in his feed to prioritize those publications realised by their friendly, relatives and contacts generally. A return to€¦

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Tendencies in social average marketing for 2018

tendencies in social average marketing for 2018

Digital marketing is a so young field that year is practically re-invented completely after year. Their practices, tools and analyses vary enormously in agreement advances the time and appear new formats, reason why the professionals of the sector live in a constant update in which to his aptitudes and formation she talks about. What they know today can not valerles for anything tomorrow, reason why to know what€¦

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Marketing in vertical format: the mobile as main support of consumption of contents

marketing in vertical format

The habits of consumption of the users are evolving with time, and the commercial messages adapt them. Each support has made dance to the publicists and designers to conform itself to its own characteristics: the traditional wedges of radio, the spots of television, the pages of publicity in press or banners in Internet have had their own advantages and messages, as now it begins it€¦

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