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Agency of communicationTo impel a business so that it reaches a certain level of notoriety requires, sooner or later, to worry about its communication. Or as tool of direct sale of their products or services, to inform to a community of users about their present time or as platform of spreading on their field of specialty, the communication channels of the companies are something to which it is worth the trouble to pay attention, it is by means of personal intern or with an agency of communication.

The companies do not try to construct their own systems of network: they contract a company of telecommunications; they do not try to extract wood and charcoals of the forests to make his own ball-point pens: they count on suppliers of office material. Nevertheless, intangible of the strategic value that it contributes the communication causes that, sometimes, the companies try to do the work by themselves, without contracting specialists or externalizar the workings with a communication agency.

To speak is not to communicate. To count things is not to communicate. So that the communication of a company is effective and serves to an intention must take place of a technical and professional way, so to have people who dominate this field is basic.

Five things that your agency of communication can (and it must) do by you

To have specialists in the different scopes in which your company operates is the best one (and practically the unique one) forms to guarantee a work done of appropriate way. And, by all means, in the scope of the communication, to assume a part of the work that cannot be loaded of internal way.

1. Strategic thinking

In the communication, as in so many other fields, the thought in the medium and long term is tremendously important. The comunicativas actions, except for cases of campaigns with great investments behind or that reaches an out of proportion viralidad, hardly will reach a great impact of immediate way. The key is in the sum of many small actions: to communicate is to raise a construction, and each brick is important.

2. Mutual learning

Like you are not expert in communication, your agency of communication possibly does not control the specialization field to which your company is dedicated. That it exists certain complicity and good bidirectional syntony is basic so that both parts can assume for himself part of the language of the other, which will repel in a direct benefit for the common project.

3. Consultancy

In order to know what solutions it is necessary to apply, in the first place it is necessary to realise an analysis that determines which are the needs. The consultancy is inherent to the services of a communication agency: to evaluate the starting point, the suitable goal and the best routes to reach it. Or as part of the strategy or an independent service of consultant's office.

4. To lower to the mud

Everything is not strategic thinking, wise people advice nor expert manifestations of professional criterion. To also communicate is to roll up, to key and to sweat when it is required. To publish in the day to day of social networks, to write up press notes, to contact with knowledge, mass media to respond before reputation crisis€¦ Pure production and lasts, tangible material.

5. To impel a business

When the companies call to agencies of communication and these they ask which is the objective of the actions that are going to be realised the answer is always the same: to sell more. It is by more direct and aggressive ways, or by largoplacistas, subtle and patient footpaths, the communication is not but a tool so that any company gives a step forward, covers a lagoon that was unheeded to date and, really, sells more better and.

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