How to impel a business with the help of the communication

Agency of communication

To impel a business so that it reaches a certain level of notoriety requires, sooner or later, to worry about its communication. Or as tool of direct sale of their products or services, to inform to a community of users about their present time or as platform of spreading on their field of specialty, the communication channels of the companies are something to which it is worth the trouble to pay attention, it is€¦

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Four classic films on journalism that already you must have seen

Classic films on journalism

The journalistic profession usually has behind himself a mystic difficult to equal. Novels, tests have been written, and until songs; films, short have been rolled, news articles and hundreds of thousand of histories and anecdotes have been counted through infinity of formats and supports. In ComunicAlicante our journalistic trajectory is a great baggage and assets in our work, but also an entertainment niche. For that reason, we propose€¦

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Five factors nail at the time of choosing a communication agency

To choose a communication agency

Few companies have the sufficient muscle as integrating in their infrastructure a specific department that manages its communication, the relations with means or the campaigns of diffusion through social networks and action of digital marketing. Even, some that yes have specific personnel are seen in the attitude choose a communication agency that, with its services, complements the workings that are realised to harness€¦

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Five advice to be able to prevail in Instagram

To prevail in Instagram

In the heat of year 2019, already nobody has doubts: Instagram is the pleases to sees. The fashionable social network, the cradle of influencers and the place of the enso±aciones of perfect lives. The young people born in the 21st century, those to which millenials they have left majors, apostatize of everything what leaves the screen of its mobiles, and in that context there is no possible discussion€¦.

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Five tips journalistic for blogs: it is able to emphasize on the competition

Tips journalistic for blogs

The marketing of contents is one of the most powerful tools of pick up that exist in digital ecosystem. To create and to disclose own content regarding our interesting activity and for our potential clients are fundamental if we want that Internet has a significant quota of our income. But, in 2019, everybody knows it. For this reason, the important thing is to be different itself, to offer something that makes us emphasize on the rest€¦.

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Work the new does media? Big wave of closing of heads

New journalism

During the last decade, the general state of the media has given foot to debates on the viability of the sector as business, the convenience of betting by new formats, the exigencies of the digital native public and the necessity of re-invention of supposedly anchylosed model printed. The new media, the new languages, the media of data, fact checkings, fake news€¦ A sea of concepts that has given foot to one€¦

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ComunicAlicante, in Logistical Fruit Berlin 2019

Logistical Fruit Berlin 2019

In ComunicAlicante we totally integrated in the organizational structure of our clients to be its cabinet of communication, realising public workings of dircom, relations, cabinet of press, press relations, marketing, strategy, publicity, average schedule, digital marketing or marketing of contents, among others many. As this week in Logistical Fruit Berlin, the more important world-wide encounter of the hortfrut­cola sector, where there are present companies located in Alicante that are reference not€¦

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Cognita and the British School of Valencia, in mass media

clipping british school valence

This week, in ComunicAlicante we received the order on the part of COGNITA to communicate the incorporation of the British School from Valencia to its network, referring international in the education. After the putting common of the official notice on the part of both equipment and the coordination to emphasize main the communicative axes, as well as the information contemplated in the same, from our agency we came to the emission of the press note€¦

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Data marketing: the future of the communication online it is in the analytical one

It dates Marketing

In 2019, each action that is realised, each small click and, even, the apparently analogical actions, have a trazabilidad. An impact. A measurable consequence in data. For that reason, the sensations or opinions, everything what one is based on subjective and arbitrary perceptions, it is to a side. It is the time of the data marketing: to measure, to analyze and to value what it works and no, what it gives more return us and€¦

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ComunicAlicante, in the specialized press

It interviews to Iv¡n J Mu±oz

Which is the work of a press cabinet? How it has changed this with the new technologies of the information? What advantages must have specialized professionals of the communication in the relations with the average ones for a company? It is a service for great companies or also for small projects? Some many questions are answered in the interview that the DIGITAL EXTRA magazine €“ specialized in the world of€¦

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