Seoplus 2019

Seoplus 2019

SEOPlus 2019, the greater event of positioning in the finder of Google, returns to Alicante by fifth consecutive year. The event, organized by agency of Alicante Webpositer and Team Platino, returns to be celebrated in the Paraninfo of the University of Alicante. The appointment or is an inescapable date as much for professionals who dedicate e-commerce or to marketing digital as for the enthusiastic ones and interested in SEO.

In this occasion, the congress will grant to the woman the great protagonism, placing to five rapporteurs that will conform a spectacular list of guests. To this group, twelve specialistic women of the equipment of Social Average will be united, who will be in charge to relay by means of social networks the event in direct.

The event SEOPlus 2019 is the news because it consolidates to the capital of the Costa Blanca as reference of the SEO to European level, in addition to reuniting next the 26 of July in the Paraninfo of the University of Alicante to more 1,000 credited actual assistants and the forecast of more than 2,000 connections by streaming. Secured objective: to reunite in a same event to all the professional community of the sector in Spain and to share a little more what it was used to see in this type of congresses.

Once again, the equipment of SEOPlus has returned to trust as agency of communication and cabinet of press for its event ComunicAlicante. So, with the eye put in the news, our equipment was put to work. It was the moment for collecting data of previous editions, information on the rapporteurs and declarations of the organizing equipment. Once collection the information and written up the news, was sent through service of shipment of press notes to mass media to journalists who we have in our ample data base. Accompanied by the negotiation and offer of approaches for the accomplishment of own subjects and cover of the event. The result can be seen next: 


Chronicle, summary and photo gallery of the event SEOPlus 2019 in main means:

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