SEOPlus 2019, the greater event on positioning in Google of Spain

Seoplus 2019

SEOPlus 2019, the greater event of positioning in the finder of Google, returns to Alicante by fifth consecutive year. The event, organized by agency of Alicante Webpositer and Team Platino, returns to be celebrated in the Paraninfo of the University of Alicante. The appointment or is an inescapable date as much for professionals who dedicate e-commerce or to marketing digital as for the enthusiastic ones and interested in SEO. In this occasion, the congress will grant to€¦

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The best thing of digital marketing, in Alicante thanks to Eemeeting 2018

Eemeting 2018

A year plus the EEME Business School returns to surprise with its Congress of Eemeeting Marketing, because in this 7º edition of the event has seted out to surpass the expectations of all the assistants, being introduced diverse new features to us that will not leave indifferent anybody. Next the 23 February in the Palace of Congresses of Alicante lovers of digital marketing will be able to enjoy an exciting day of communications lead€¦

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€˜Murcia, what digital you are! €™: an event to put the center in the digital undertaking

In €˜Murcia, what digital you are€™ to assistants and rapporteurs of first level in digital marketing will meet

The digital undertaking in Murcia is prepared for its great annual appointment. €˜Murcia, what digital you are€™ it is a tradition of recent creation (two editions have only been celebrated) that the 24 of November in the Spa of Archena will return to take place next. It will be a day with more than two hundreds of people comings of all Spain to see the true protagonists, some rapporteurs of first level. Two€¦

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Resort in Gandia dedicated to captive Sorolla to the public and the press

resort gandia Villaluz clipping

Resort in Gandia dedicated to Sorolla and its inauguration a success of call, organization and repercussion in mass media has supposed everything. It could not be of another form concerning the Hotel Villa Luz, that already has become everything a referring one of the Spanish tourism due to its decided bet to combine two concepts that at first could seem antagonistic: the impresionist art and the leisure€¦

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Goiko Grill Alicante prevails in its celebration of inauguration

Goiko Grill Alicante

Goiko Grill Alicante at night celebrated of Thursday 8 of June the opening of its first premises in the city. With direct music in, friendly, cocktails and €“ by supposed hamburgers, hamburgueser­a gourmet gave the welcome to a good handful of guests who exerted as well as hosts of the city. With a ceiling covered with globes, funny fotomat³n and details for all the assistants, only lacked€¦

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ComunicAlicante, between the jury of the end of pitch of the Cigar cases

Image of the semifinal, makes the rounds previous to the end of pitch of the Cigar cases.

Friday 2 of June, from the seven in the afternoon, in ComunicAlicante we will have the honor to comprise of the jury of the final contest of pitch of the Cigar cases for entrepreneurs that will be celebrated in center cultural of Alicante. Jointly organized by the Local Agency of Development of the City council of Alicante and the center of coworking ULab, this event will reunite to nine contenders arrived from the different rounds€¦

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Digital Think FBS: cl­nic Web to learn of the best ones

All the information on Digital Think

Alicante is land of digital marketing and communication. Many, very varied and (mainly) very good have been the recent examples in the province. We have attended iDay, of shared in common character; to enjoy coaching of Lourdes Carmona or to the always fruitful breeding ground of knowledge that is Fundesem. There are courses of formation, m¡steres of different related branches and a countless number from professionals of first level in the sector. The next one€¦

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iDay: formation in digital marketing for experts

iDay, the shared in common event of digital marketing in Alicante

Solidarity and digital marketing the past took of the hand Friday in the University of Alicante. During an intense afternoon, iDay won the glances of the professionals and followers of the sector, with the presence and communication of four experts in the matter and with the attendance of public interesting in which did not lack ComunicAlicante. The day began with the chat that offered lvaro Fontela,€¦

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Alicante CLOSE-WOVEN PART OF A FISHING NET and its Yearbook 2016: celebration of the media and the publicity

Alicante CLOSE-WOVEN PART OF A FISHING NET, presentation of its Yearbook 2016 in the MARQ

Alicante CLOSE-WOVEN PART OF A FISHING NET presented its Yearbook 2016 yesterday. The facilities of the Archaeological Museum of Alicante (MARQ) served as scene for the celebration of which already it has become appointment forced for the media, the communication and the publicity in the province of Alicante. With an ample representation of the society of Alicante €“ politicians, businessmen and sportsmen, among others, the members of the equipment of the transmitter offered from stand one€¦

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iDay, the shared in common event of marketing online in Alicante

IDay is one of the most important events of marketing online in Alicante.

Next day 17, the world of marketing online in Alicante has an inescapable appointment in the Alfredo Orts Hall the University of Alicante. The event at issue is the well-known as iDay: a day in which the new digital tendencies as the SEO or the marketing of contents occurs the hand with solidarity thanks to the collaboration with C¡ritas. Through brief chats, of€¦

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