SEOPlus 2019, the greater event on positioning in Google of Spain

Seoplus 2019

SEOPlus 2019, the greater event of positioning in the finder of Google, returns to Alicante by fifth consecutive year. The event, organized by agency of Alicante Webpositer and Team Platino, returns to be celebrated in the Paraninfo of the University of Alicante. The appointment or is an inescapable date as much for professionals who dedicate e-commerce or to marketing digital as for the enthusiastic ones and interested in SEO. In this occasion, the congress will grant to€¦

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Strategies of digital marketing B2B: how the companies are sold to other companies

strategy of marketing to sell between companies

The direct sale to the public has many ways. More or less direct commercial messages, more or less creative, in multitude of formats and supports different and with tones from the most varied based on target to which we went. But the thing changes when the emitter of those messages is a company of services that works for other companies: How to sell of attractive form services to companies in time€¦

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How to mint a blog: advice to live on your content

How to mint a blog

The professionalisation of the social networks seems a relatively recent phenomenon. The height of influencers, users of social networks that are able to professionalize their presence in Internet, is not but the end of a iceberg that was practically born in the homes of the network of networks. Before influencers, instagramers or youtubers was bloggers. For that reason, many users continue themselves asking how to mint a blog and to arrive at€¦

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Design of corporative Webs: ten advice to elaborate them successfully

Design of corporative Webs

All strategy of digital marketing that boasts must have in the webpage the central element on which all the other pieces must pivot. The social contents, networks, relational marketing and all action of sale offline even must always have in the Web the site in which is born and dies, the place in which who do not know us they must know who we are, what€¦

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How to avoid the cannibalisation of key words in your strategy SEO

How to avoid the cannibalisation

The strategy of positioning of our Web can to a great extent determine the success or failure of our business. In addition to fighting against a ferocious competition, to always satisfy the capricious aims with the algorithm of Google and search the best tools and techniques to increase our position in the web search engines, we must consider a principle: our eagerness to climb can cause that we become our own one€¦

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What is funnel and how to remove started off to him in your strategy from digital marketing

Funnel of conversion

A person receives a message that allows him to know a new product or service. Certain sample interest and, as of that moment, the emitting company of the message that caught its attention unfolds a fan of resources to respond to each of its stimuli in search of obtaining that interest molds its decision of purchase and turns to the usuary potential in client. All that process, the call funnel€¦

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Email Marketing: 10 keys to increase your sales

Email marketing

The email marketing is one of the most important legs in any strategy of digital marketing. Beyond the contents that we generate, of the form in which we invigorate them in the social networks or how we present our products or services in the Web, in the funnel of conversion of our strategy different techniques from mailing must be contemplated. Definition of Email Marketing But, what is the e-mail€¦

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Tendencies in marketing of contents at which already we arrived behind schedule

Tendencies in marketing of contents

Digital marketing is in constant evolution, reason why all the agents implied in him practically are forced to a constant formation and a recycling practically day after day in many of their practices. He is not less in the case of one of the kings of the industry: the new tendencies in marketing of contents maintain the objective and background, but they renew formats and tools constantly. But, how we can€¦

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The best thing of digital marketing, in Alicante thanks to Eemeeting 2018

Eemeting 2018

A year plus the EEME Business School returns to surprise with its Congress of Eemeeting Marketing, because in this 7º edition of the event has seted out to surpass the expectations of all the assistants, being introduced diverse new features to us that will not leave indifferent anybody. Next the 23 February in the Palace of Congresses of Alicante lovers of digital marketing will be able to enjoy an exciting day of communications lead€¦

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Why is the SEO important for your company?

It discovers why the SEO is important for your company with this article of our Web

Many people with positions of certain relevance in companies that have still not undertaken their way towards the digitalization ask themselves: Why is the SEO important? Even, many of them directly consider: What is the SEO? In ComunicAlicante, as agency of digital marketing and corporative communication, at the time of selling our services we tried to make a little Didactics so that the potential clients see that€¦

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