ice cream announcements

ice cream announcementsThe seasonal communication and especially the communication in summer has, by their context, a great variety of elements that do that the wake of the memory that each action leaves is extended in the time. When a person the same sees something showy on products with seasons very marked €“ that also happen to Christmas, it is more probable that it is stored in his memory as part of the memories that time they evoke. And that, like it happens to nougat, happens in the same way to the ice cream announcements in television.

Spain, by its tourist and sunny character, usually is related to the summer and, by extension, to classic products of this season. The ice cream announcements are more than mere commercial product communications: they are the signal that the time arrives from vacation, to rest and to enjoy the free time next to a flavorful ice cream. The ice cream announcements know it, and take advantage of their high capacity to hit in the people with very pegadizos hooks. How to forget most outstanding?

Frozen for all!

The doubtful acting dowries of soccer superequipped Andr©s Iniesta became one of the main reclamations of the Kalise ice creams. The soccer player of La Mancha pronounced a phrase that in the end would happen to the imaginary group, being I graze of memes, the well-meaning adaptations and the jokes much more there of own ice creams: Kalise for all!

Savoring the good thing of life

The historical Miko ice-cream dealer was the one who sent one of the remembered ice cream announcements more. With simple and pegadizo jingle, some young sang €œMiko for you, Miko for me€ as pistol shot from exit to the summer, also giving passage to one decade of the 90 that, by those dates, began to show itself.

Summer with the language was

A product of the typology of ice creams is, without a doubt, the creative dream of an advertising one: the possibilities are infinite, it is a product that are consumed in an informal atmosphere and generally little restricted and the comunicativas possibilities are almost limitless. Avidesa, Valencian refrigerator that it now changed of proprietors and - under another name is the main ice cream manufacturer by vol. of Spain, dared in the 90 with a suggestive and conceptual spot, playing in the limit of the adult and creating a necessity between its potential clients.

The fine irony of Alicante

With a tone more comedian, another one of the remembered ice cream announcements more was spot €˜the homemade€™ Alacant Ice cream. The province of Alicante is, among other things, famous by its ice creams, and with a more humorous line, in just half minute the announcement was able to emphasize the artisan character of local ice creams and to present to the company of an funny, familiar and self-assured way.

Personal and intransferable ice cream

To ask to him a person to prove its ice cream can get to generate a great tension. The heat, the thirst and the desire to enjoy a good ice cream are satisfied with an individual and deprived way, reason why to share ice creams is within reach of some complex levels of generosity to find. That line observed Magnum, nowadays one of the brands of ice creams more known in Spain, during its landing in the national market. Mine, only mine.

The birth of a frozen star

Jingle pegadizo is practically guarantee of success in a spot. Frigo therefore thought it and thus it executed it with the announcement of one of his products stars, sent decades ago and still today it presents in the kiosks of all Spain: the Calippo. This hypnotic song popularized the ice cream and it helped him to become not only one of most famous of the summer choking the heat, but also a song installed in the memory of million children.

Playing with the moral limits

Another one of the most illustrious ice creams of every summer, the Tropical Pirulo of Miko, returned to remove end to the most sensual and sensorial facet from ice creams to announce its mixture of flavors. With a bold message - perhaps complicated to talk back in 2019 by possible susceptibilities, a boy exerted of beach ambassador of the delights of the Pirulo.

Ice creams with flavor to sensations

Strawberry, hemstitches, chocolate or cream is classic flavors, but an ice cream can take to you much more there. The ice cream not only is a tool to refresh: he is a little while intimate and private, an evasion of the world, but also a bond and a possible nexus between two people.

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