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Screenshot 2019-07-08 to 16.18.26

For ComunicAlicante it is a great satisfaction to see how our clients obtain a public recognition through mass media. This success we felt it as own and an excellent way of which its work is valued, granting to him the importance that deserves to the communication and enterprise information.

In the case of today we want to tell through blog the case you of corporative communication of ULab Ideas Meeting Point. Coworking of the center of Alicante was the news to offer the first labor practices to American students arrived from different universities. To attract companies, entrepreneurs and workers of any sector and any part of the world is one of the priorities of ULab.

With the center put in the news, ComunicAlicante put hands to the work. It was the moment for compiling information, for making interviews to the members of the equipment of ULab and to program CIEE, ordered manage the stay of the students. Finally, the news through service of cabinet of press and mass media was sent to journalists who we have in our data base.

From ComunicAlicante, cabinet of press and agency of communication specialized in the relation with means, is an honor to work with ULab, a company with the philosophy of ideas, emprendedurismo and coworking between different labor sectors.

Thus they picked up mass media the news:

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