Diseño without título

Diseño without título

When we spoke of which already it has arrived the summer is because the moment has arrived for looking for your fresher corner and for tasting the books that you have been kept €œfor vacation€. Vacation that seems that never they arrive, but already are here. In order to disconnect of the day to day, to learn or simply to entertain to us, the reading has often saved to us to fall in the boredom.

In the post of today of ComunicAlicante we want that you feel as yours the sport media, now the seasons of almost all the sports have finished and seems that lacking that extra of €œcompetitiveness€ in means, to read chronicles, news articles and to our favorite columnist. We recommended 5 books to you of sport journalism so that you read during the summer. A sport journalism that is in the heat of forms €œto day of today€, that Miguel Guti©rrez would say (the Notebook of goes Gaal).

Recommendations to discover the life of a sport journalist or how a great work of bibliography and sources turns a few bad signings into soccer in a literary work of art. Here our five of today go.

The dream of my sleeplessness (Antoni Daimiel)

Few voices more authorized to speak of the NBA in Spain. Antoni Daimiel mentions every night with the teleespectadores become fond of to the league of more spectacular basketball of the planet, one long race that decided to gather it in this unit. In €˜the dream of my sleeplessness€™ anecdotes are connected and testimonies that Daimiel has been compiling in more than 15 years than take covering the NBA for Spain. From Chicago Bulls to the Lakers de Phil Jackson, a book for which knows that €œto sleep it is of cowards€.

It seemed a good signing (Miguel Guti©rrez)

How much it spent really Joan Gaspart in signings after the sale of Figo to Real Madrid?  Miguel Guti©rrez €œstrip of portfolio and quarry€ to compile the €œillustrious fiascos of Spanish soccer€, always with one nourished source of declarations, the news and opinions of journalists who honored each signing. Unforgettable anecdotes that compile €˜It seemed a good signing€™, pages where it has already been for history €˜I prefer to Saviola before to Zidane€™. If Zidane seemed to you a good signing, to read this book to you will seem to you the hiring of the century.

11 cities: Trips of a sport journalist (Axel Torres)

The passion of the sport media and the passion to travel it leaves €˜11 cities: trips of a sport journalist€™. The story of how an adolescent Axel Torres appears in the radio to speak of the international rivals of the FC Barcelona or how first Eurocopa in Lisbon lives his. A trip by histories of the sport media that any student or journalist does not have to lose themselves, is learned here and it is enjoyed at the same time. That yes, with basic soccer, €œdoes not matter where it practices€.

Good night and warm greetings (Vicente Ferrer)

Vicente Ferrer is the author of this €œexciting and documented€ biography of which he was owner and gentleman of so many nights of radio, Jos© Mar­a Garc­a. In €˜Good night and warm greetings€™, you will find the history of a €œunique journalist€ who took the sport to the bed, to treat subjects of which others would not dare to raise the voice and to leave an authentic legacy to the sport media in the radio. Journalist, listener, fan to the sport a book that you cannot be lost.

Histories of Calcium: A chronicle of Italy through soccer (Enric Gonz¡lez)

As correspondent in Rome sent by the newspaper €˜El Pa­s€™, Enric Gonz¡lez sent to every Sunday a titled column €˜Histories of Calcium€™, as he ended up calling to this text compilation turned into book in 2003. Under the premise of which soccer and Italy go of the hand, this article selection is pure journalism, Italian, political society and a warning than it would come next for Calcium: empty stages, violence and scandals.

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