Communication in summer

Communication in summerIn these dates, the majority of the companies already begins to work of little habitual way. Reduced schedules, groups decreased by vacation, suppliers that do not give provision during weeks, clients who do not respond post office€¦ One season in which many things are stopped. But the communication in summer cannot pause: it is a vehicle for, indeed, avoiding that the stoppage pass invoices.

The communication in summer is, if it fits, more important that during the rest of the year. It is possible that the hearing so is not focused as in other stages of the course, that the reach of our actions is smaller, but it will help us to reach different objectives: we will give image of continuous activity, we will maintain the pulse with our competition and we will even be able to catch to a less habitual public during the year.

Five tips to maintain the communication in summer

We know that to maintain the communicative activity it is fundamental during the months of summer. How we can do it? Here some advice who we applied in our daily activity as agency of communication and marketing:

He takes advantage of the seasonality

Like the restaurants serve more frozen and salads, and the televisions emit replacements of old series and films of thematic summery, the communication of a company in summer can also turn around everything what the summer offers. To adapt the tone and the contents to a slighter and fresh approach can be good idea so that is to the other side, possibly of vacation, does not disconnect and it looks for other things. Touching the subjects of the summer, and offering questions not only tinned, everything it will go better.

Proving stand

Since much people lower the guard during the summer, she can be a good moment to innovate a little. To prove new things, to try that extravagance that enchants but with to us that we did not dare until now, to throw of memes€¦ The summer is the perfect laboratory to beat what changes can accompany to us as of September and which are better to leave in a fleeting love of summer.

It looks for the maximum interaction

The reach of our actions will be smaller, but the users who receive to us from their screens have another predisposition. Who use the social networks during the summer, in their majority, do it by leisure, not by work. That prism can be ideal search actions that generate interaction, to make contributor the followers of our profiles of which it is not only work, work and work: drawings, surveys, debates€¦ If we were able to bring about reactions in the people, they will remember to us more easily in the future.

It plans in advance

No of the many opportunities that can arise to maintain active the communication in summer is going to fall of the sky nor is going to arrive by chance. A good planning is the base of a good work, reason why to fish in the scrambled river that supposes the summery weeks it is necessary to anticipate scenes, to think and to plan the best actions for every moment. If the options more are reduced, it is necessary that our firings are more necessary.

Taking advantage

It is possible that good part of your competition is more inactive during the summer period. The communication in summer can suppose a double effort if it leaves from the equipment it goes away of vacation or it works less hours of the normal thing, but indeed for that reason if we are able to maintain the rate we can be anticipated to the others in questions as events, important dates or launchings. To maintain the activity can allow us to take advantage and to take the pole position for the return to the school.

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