Influencers of Alicante are many that professionally gain the life in Internet and the social networks.

Influencers of Alicante are many that professionally gain the life in Internet and the social networks.

In a context in which the social networks already allow to live professionally on them, many are the people who spend their time and efforts to secure great numbers of followers to whom to make arrive its messages. Or through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Youtube, there is a good handful of influencers of Alicante given to the networks as his form of life. Although one of the main figures, youtuber MrGranbomba, closed its profiles after the incident of €˜caranchoa€™ (it had more than half million subscribers in his channel of YouTube), the province is full of influential people in Internet with different fields from specialty.

Although the day of the Holy Innocents wanted to make think to more than half million people who follow to him between Facebook and Twitter that Internet left, the certain thing are that Juanfran Squire follows as always so active. This of Alicante one, that in addition is councilman by Citizens in the City council of Alicante, occurred to know as €œcommunity manager the famous ones€. It is specialized in the reputation, marketing online and the communication in networks, and to its work in the municipal political opposition its work as adviser of digital communication is added.

More than five million people they follow the humoristic videos of Jorge Cremades on Facebook. The also of Alicante one, that not long ago was surrounded in a controversy by the supposed masculinity of its answers in an interview with the Spanish, already some time ago it extended the social networks and it began to collaborate with radio programs and, even, to offer its own humorous spectacles in theaterBetween main influencers of Alicante is youtuber Flowstreet, specialized in racing games and speed.s. In many of his videos it is possible to be seen how the brands have bet by their image and have positioned their products and messages between gags of humor.

Another one of the niches more in fashion in the social networks is the fashion in Instagram. In this field, between most outstanding influencers of Alicante he is Elisa Serrano, a young person of Alicante with more than 100,000 followers. Between his photos he is habitual to see strain labels and mentions of fashion brands, clocks and accessories in addition to his personal trips, restaurants and moments.

Although he is complicated to choose one since the fan is extensive, one of most illustrious youtubers of Alicante at the moment is Stratus. With more than 667,000 subscribers in its channel, of the Alicante one has gained its thousands of followers thanks to his gameplays: videos in which it is recorded playing video-games and sharing his experience as user. In addition, the young sum other 163,000 followers in Twitter and more than 30,000 in Instagram.

In the same field that Stratus moves Flowstreet, also to youtuber and also become fond of to the videos of video-games. Without a doubt, between main influencers of Alicante, because its channel of YouTube surpasses the 730,000 subscribers, although with a variation towards the specialization: Flowstreet concentrates more in video-games of motor and speed, as the classic for Need Speed and other similars.

They are only some examples, but the list of influencers €“ that have become great allies for any agency of communication in Alicante that boasts or in the strategy of digital marketing for businesses or companies that want to increase their visibility is more extensive. The social networks have become for many people a field of which to obtain some income that can surpass those of many current uses fully, something than many already have made their profession.

[Original Article published the 30 of December of 2016 €“ Update after the 7 of April of 2017]

Others influencers of Alicante that also prevail in the network

The world of the social networks and the digital world or a long time ago it stopped being a temporary bubble, and or is conceived as which it is and will be: a new model of business. Some months after publishing the original article, we recovered it and we updated with a new list of Alicante that prevail in Internet in diverse platforms.

To the thread of youtubers that closed the original list is of a Alicante one that also passage in a niche with much repercussion is opened nowadays: the contents on video-games. It is Boss Lady, gamer that little by little one comes near to means million subscribers (435,000 while this article is written) and whose videos surpass 62 million of seen. Between the great successes of their channel are the miniseries that Boss Lady creates from games as Minecraft or Just Dance, in addition to raising blogs frequently.

In different means Alberto J. Ant³n prevails. This young photographer began his way exerting for Hawkers and other brands of the group. That allowed him to immortalize to some of the models more top of the moment. Andr©s Velencoso, šrsula Corber³ or Paula Echevarr­a have happened through its camera, that soon after let one of the companies fashionable to begin to fly by its account. Now, Instagram uses as their digital calling card, and more than 22,000 people sees the photographies that now realise for their own study.

In the world of the SEO and digital marketing in Alicante, Javier Gosende is an illustrious figure. It exerts as training consultant and of these disciplines, and the social networks also smile to him. More than 15,000 people they follow to him in Twitter, where it publishes content regarding his main professional occupation and to the classes that it distributes.

The fashion as passion and profession for influencers

If the video-games are one of the operated digital niches more, the fashion is not it less. Or people are sharing his outfits, image advisers or photographers, all regarding the tendencies prevail. Also there is a good number of influencers of Alicante dedicated in body and soul in fashion.

Fatima Cant³ is more in the list of Alicante that prevails more in the network. She is mother of some twin that make the delights of Internet: its familiar life sum 114,000 followers in Instagram and 85,000 subscribers in YouTube. Between its publications, blogs of trips, tips of make-up or products of its affability. And, by all means, everything an infantile pass of models fashionable.

Leticia P©rez was born in San Sebastian, but he lives in Alicante for many years. Internet is the battlefield in which nowadays it competes living on his passion: the fashion. More well-known as Stiletto Style, it is dedicated to personal shopping, and has presence in all the channels. It has more than 10,000 followers between his different platforms, in addition to an own Web in which it publishes his contents and projects.

Another one of the followed photographers more of the province is Carlos Cabeza. Its walking in Wolfnoir began, under the umbrella of Hawkers, but it happened to dedicate to other projects in Savour agency Record. More than 25,000 people they mainly see in its Instagram the photos that it publishes, of lookbooks professional, but between which it drops occasionally some personal trip.

Action with influencers in Alicante

Promotion of opening and celebration of inauguration of the restaurant Goiko Grill in Alicante


Promotional action and of inauguration for the hotel group Magic Costa Blanca

Casting in Alicante for the brand of Ebbelt earpieces

Casting in Alicante for Ebbelt

Influencers of Alicante, notifies in means

The marketing campaigns have changed for always from the irruption of the figure of influencer in the digital panorama. The companies know it, the advertisers and users know it, and also the mass media are expert of it.

From ComunicAlicante we could collaborate with Alicante Place in an extensive news article on the figure of influencers in Alicante. An article in which, by means of the testimony of some of the main protagonists of the social networks in Alicante, and which also it counts on our experience in first person as it gets hold of influencer marketing in Alicante, counts how the companies or look for users with powerful accounts in the networks so that they help them to promote his products or services.

Ana Guardiola, Isabel Delima and Aar³n Fern¡ndez, three of the faces more known in the digital panorama of Alicante, count how they got to become influencers, what at the time supposes to day and if really it can or not to live itself on it. Some experiences that in ComunicAlicante we see from the other side of the barrier, as nexus of connection between the companies that they look for to promote itself and the profiles of networks that can help it.

Campaigns with influencers in Alicante: a mine at local level

When she is spoken of influencers, many people practically think about celebrities of magazine, in people with million followers working for great unattainable brands and acquiring for that reason fees for the mortals. But not necessarily she is thus. Neither all the youtubers are the Rubius, nor all the instagramers are Dulceida: in that almost infinite gray scale between well-known and remunerated influencers and users very well of on foot is a countless number of tonalities.

At the moment, the companies already have realized of which it is not necessary to count on a bulky budget of marketing to resort to influencers as via of promotion. The campaigns with influencers in Alicante realised years in the last are a good sample of it.

As much for the agencies that, since we do from ComunicAlicante, intervene between advertisers and influencers, as for own influencers in himself, the possibility of comprising of professional campaigns, although it is on small scale, it can suppose one first incursion in the world of the social networks at labor level, independent of the type of company that contracts them or the type of campaign that it looks for.

Indeed to sift that type of questions, as the type of more appropriate profile for each type of campaign, target or company, the valuation of possible investments in influencers or the form to remove the maximum party to the actions, the agencies we realised studies, we analyzed retail the possible types of profile and their embroider with real clients.

In addition, with an added value important for the companies that resort to the figure of influencers: the micro-influencers, those with profiles that already still have certain notoriety but are not excessively massive, usually have a good part of their users in proximity accounts. That is to say, a company of Alicante can resort mainly to profiles that, in spite of not having hundreds of thousands of followers, yes count on a nourished public and, - and what is more complicated to obtain in this field located enough geographically to make sure a greater impact its action.

The campaigns with influencers in Alicante, that until recently time were little frequent, little by little are taking terrain. More and more companies resort to these figures to promote themselves: from the world of the hotel trade and the tourism, scopes of action more appellants in this sector, to others as the rental cars, the food industry of great consumption, the fashion or practically any type on watch, influencers of Alicante have the telephone more and more warms up for, with their powerful profiles in social networks, to be the perfect prop for the promotion of local busines.

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