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New journalismDuring the last decade, the general state of the media has given foot to debates on the viability of the sector as business, the convenience of betting by new formats, the exigencies of the digital native public and the necessity of re-invention of supposedly anchylosed model printed. The new media, the new languages, the media of data, fact checkings, fake news€¦ A sea of concepts that has given foot to a necessary question: It is the new media the future? Really work does the panacea that gurºs predicted had to save the profession?

The new media began to glimpse with the terminal crisis which, already one decade ago, they began to enter the printed heads. The closing of the edition of paper of Public saw as the first card of dominated that it would take passage to regional newspaper multitude falling, autonomic editions of average disappeared nationals, EREs, reductions of group, uncertainty of the resulting positions and an apocalyptic labor panorama for practically any person who wanted to dedicate herself to this profession.

New languages. New formats. New hearings. The new media was a light in the horizon of a dark scene. The form to renew messages and tools in a profession that had to adapt to forced marches to the digital panorama to content a public who no longer knows what is to pass pages of a newspaper or a magazine, but to jump of one app to another one in the screen of smartphone.

But the reality, without to have arrived at the goal, is to moved away day of today of the expectations. Wishful thinking had projected a future of sustainable journalism online, of been thankful for youthful and reading writings. But that paradigm, so far, continues being plus a desire that a reality.

Except for exceptions counted (as Bern, under the umbrella of El Pa­s), the heads that had to revolutionize the profession and to be maintained in the time to click blow have entered a spiral of closings and ways means to cross. Eslang, BuzzFeed or PlayGround, during their respective periods of activity and constant publication, have shown some of the masterful lines that had to govern the new media: a language less restricted, some platforms in which the readers had more protagonism, a thematic agenda that put the center in questions until now ignored and, really, a space in which to give capacity to everything what - probably never it would appear in traditional means.

But it has not worked. Not until now nor following those concrete models. It is soon for assuring that the new media is dead, but yes perhaps must reframe his original bases if it wants to be sustainable. Neither it has been able to hook to the young readers the more to his heads, perhaps other people's to which nowadays they understand as leisure or entertainment, nor has waked up the interest of customary users to dedicate part of his time to read what the means must tell them.

Native sustainable digitalises and

The big wave of means closings that preached the new media as one of its signs of identity shows the value of the obtained thing by two heads that, although they cannot be included in that form to understand the profession, yes have been able to be based being native digitalises. Confidential and, with some publishing lines so opposed as their own formats (everything free VERSUS digital subscription), demonstrate that mass media that have in Internet its foundations can work€¦ if it finds a public and it gives him what wants.

In spite of it, the comparisons are odious. Confidential and is a digital projection of the school media: investigation, documentation, analysis and approach as masterful lines to present, mainly, information. The news. Histories. Something that in which the new media has not arrived to mean itself nor to define itself clearly: One is a evolution towards the entertainment of the profession? It continues being journalism?

Clickbaits as it regulates, apparently, does not serve. Nor average that lives more with underground, of the lists of recopilatorio as it soles to present his information and of a as old Anglo-Saxon concept as infotainment. The closing of the heads that registered this new form to understand the profession poses a new problem: if the old media is obsolete and has expiration date, but the new one does not work either€¦ Which is the future of mass media?

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